Why Not? Let me count the reasons.

1.  Boil Order.
2.  Crazy Military Folks (yes, I know I live there) who fight over water.
3.  Crazy military mother in law who got super shitty with the popeye’s guy at the BX today because they were a) out of chicken — this is normal and b) couldn’t pick her sides because of #1.
4.  Mosquitoes
5.  Traffic
6.  The price of coffee.. (no, I’m not kidding).  We saw it at the actual grocery store for 15 bucks for the big thing of folgers, I used to get it for 9 in Indiana.
7.  DISASTER AREA and the red cross (I’m not a fan of the right now and no one over there seems to know what is going on).
8.  Possible tornado sighting yesterday on top of 20 feet of water.
9.  No ice.
10.  See #1.

I seriously need a vacation.  Yes, I’m grateful that I still have a home.

Everyone says, “At least it’s not your home” and you know what, you’re right.  I’m 100% glad that I did not buy a house in Minot, ND, next to a river that has flooded previously, without buying flood insurance, in a year where there was record precipitation.  What I am not glad for is the soiled diaper I found in my bathroom trash from days ago, the soiled diaper I found in our spare bedroom from 3 days ago, the clothes I found in my dryer that aren’t mine from days ago, the dog that tipped over my garbage can for old bbq chicken today, or finding my body wash – 2 shampoo – and 2 conditioners in the spare bathroom yesterday (seriously, how many do you need?!).

I realize that people are displaced, I know that I’m not the only one who has house guests but SERIOUSLY.  The stuff that I buy and pay for isn’t meant to go to other people unless I personally DONATE IT.  I coupon my ASS off so that I can save money throughout the year on our personal items.  You know, just as well as I do, that we are on a tight budget.  You can’t seriously tell me that when you packed up your entire house and moved out of it, you didn’t grab your bathroom stuff…. especially when you have the entire pantene pro series line sitting on the bathroom sink.  When you don’t want to go get your own body wash and stuff because you’ve already packed it so that you can go on vacation 2 days ago, that’s lazy.  If you’re gonna use my stuff at least use the cheap stuff.  OH, and PUT YOUR SHIT AWAY AND THROW AWAY DIAPERS.  I’m really fed up of trying to clean up other people’s shit and the fact that 4 of my very important coupons are missing pisses me off.

I am so annoyed today.

I know this makes me sound like a completely insensitive person but I wholeheartedly believe that when someone welcomes you into their home regardless of the circumstances, you treat the place with respect.  I think it shows a lot about a person when they leave stuff all over the place in someone’s home and I have little respect for it.  It’s not easy to have your day to day lives disrupted by another family on either side of the curtain.  I knew letting them stay here would mean that I’m awake MUCH earlier in the day (think 2-3 hours) than I normally am because they get up earlier.  I didn’t make the assumption that dirty diapers would be put in trash cans that would require me keeping up with them.  I don’t owe them anything.  I didn’t flood their house.  I didn’t make them buy that house.  I didn’t do it.  I just don’t understand why I am being taken for granted now.  I’m over the entitlement game and at some point people will have to stop blaming things on other people and expecting others to take care of them.  Floods suck and yea, it sucks to lose your house but it sucks even more when you are stuck in a town you don’t want to be in dealing with people who think they deserve something because they flooded.  Maybe it’s because I’ve seen a flood already, I watched people lay around like dead fish expecting someone to fix their lives that I don’t have the patience for it.  After the stages of grief are over, you’re going to have to pick up the pieces and move on.  No one will do it for you, but they will help you get back to where you need to be.  I will help… assuming I haven’t thrown all your stuff out of the house because I keep finding stuff in places it should have never been in the first place.


2 thoughts on “Why Not? Let me count the reasons.

  1. I can totally understand where you're coming from on the house guest issue- ours were pretty great- especially in comparison to your stories! But, well, I'm picky as hell and I had asked them NOT to have their dogs upstairs…and the husband argued with me and pretty much told me no, they would be upstairs with them. But whatever, thank goodness we're leaving and it was a temporary thing of only a few nights or I may have gone MAD. Good luck, and to be honest, if it doesn't work out, let them know they need to find somewhere else to stay. It may sound bitchy, but hey, it's your home and your choice. I'm sure a lot of other people would be willing to take them in, and if this is going to go on as long as it probably will, they may find themselves doing that a bunch because having house guests can be hard,

  2. You know Sarah, if someone told me that I'd tell them where to shove it. It's my house, not theirs. If they want somewhere to stay so badly, they'll follow the rules of the house.Luckily, my rules aren't that big… don't take my shit without asking and clean up after yourself. I'm not a slob and I'm sometimes messy, but not like that. I'm glad we're bloggy friends and IRL friends and I'm seriously glad you got out of here.

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