Searchy Seachy.

Well, it’s that time again… There are a few fun ones.

1. Minot Hates Canada
Ok, for the record, I don’t hate Canada.  I’m frustrated with this whole situation and if you read the post, it seriously had 2 lines about Canada.  They are flooded just like us, they’re lives are disrupted just like us, and they are REALLY close to us.  People don’t quite realize how close Minot is to Canada… really, effin’ close.  Lots of Minotians become Canadians, it’s very weird.  I guess if you like living in Minot, Canada would probably be pretty easy.

2. When will I find out if I get airman of the quarter?
There is an award ceremony after nominations are due… probably then… or maybe before if your base announces it before.  But it’s usually only a few weeks after the quarter is over.

3.  Can a person have their cell phone while training to be a military police at a special forces school san antonio texas?
If someone can help me understand what this is saying that would be helpful.  I don’t think there is a special forces school in SA, TX.  I know that the AF trains SF at Lackland and the army trains their MP’s at Fort Leonard Wood and from what I can tell the Army trains the Marines at USAMPS.

I’m going to make the assumption that you are talking about security forces for USAF.  Yes, they can have it.  They might not be able to use it whenever they feel like but they are allowed to have their cell phones, computers, civilian clothing, etc.  It’s tech school.

4.  Can my airman come into my hotel?
I don’t understand this question.  Yes, they can go into hotels but it’s going to depend WHEN you are talking about this.  During BMT they can, but they have to go back to base before curfew on town pass day.  During tech school, yes, but they can’t sleep there during the week and if it’s off-base.. must have phased up so that they have more privileges.

5.  Are airman in tech school allowed to leave base on weekends?
When they phase up, yes.  We didn’t have any problems with that situation.

6.  Can an indian airman marry with a foreigner?
As opposed to a Hispanic airman?  You can marry whomever you’d like but just be aware of their criminal background.. if it’s bad, they can’t get on base.  There are no regulations as to who you can marry from what I can tell.  We’ve got plenty of British, German, and Russian women running around here.  I’m not even phased by foreign accents anymore.

7.  Do airman have to get married in uniform?
No.  But some like to.

8.  How much would a maried airman make?
The same as a single airman… hahaha. 🙂  You get more BAH, that’s it.  So, technically, you probably get paid less because you have to take care of a spouse!!

Until Next Time.


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