It’s sad when you have to look at your own blog to figure out what you wrote about last… guess what I had to do?

As I type this I’m taking an internet break.  I am just not feeling today.  I hate being a woman (yeah, guess what?!), I hate the mopey, emotional feelings that I can’t shake.  I have cried no less than 3 times today, luckily Superman is at work.  Frickin’ Teen Mom made me bawl (it was the adoption episode) and then Poe Kitten linked a very sad post about a marine wife who lost her husband this month.  Then I get on facebook and find out that Amy Winehouse is dead and there was a terrorist attack in Norway.  WTF people?

I also went to the commissary and saved nearly 90 bucks on my trip.  Take that extreme couponing, mine is way more normal than yours.  The only thing I didn’t get that I really wanted was a family size pack of chicken.  Oh well, I still have 3lbs frozen from the last 10lb pack.  (Oh and I scored a rockin’ deal on some other meats, I just want to reiterate that I love the commissary).  The dogs are fed and sleeping and I’m getting hungry.  Superman is at job #2 and will return in about 90 minutes.  Yes, I said DOGS.  I have A dog, I’ve been dogsitting No.2 for over a month now, for free.

I cleaned out the fridge today too and threw away all the bullshit that crazy left in there, I don’t care what she wanted, she should have taken it with her.  Her DH is not staying here anymore, they’ve gained access to the house, she left the state and he’s staying downtown at a friends house to be closer to his house.  What-ever.  But the shit she left behind (like the cake that is still in its serving dish from over a month ago that permanently resides on my counter) will be finding a new home shortly.  You don’t stay somewhere and then leave your shit all over the place.  Especially rotting food — ok, so the cake isn’t rotting… yet… but it should be.  ARGH.

Oh and whilst out running errands today, my boss has texted me no less than 3 times.  I conveniently have ignored her all day except the one that relates to my pay.  I’m not working today… Boundaries people, boundaries.

And for the record since I’m being snarky, hostile, and emotional today… I have no pity for people who take drugs, get hooked on them and can’t get off of them.  I have pity for the people around them that have had to suffer the wrath of their idiocy and bullshit for however long they decide to grace the world with their selfish presence.  I realize I don’t know how Amy Winehouse died, I don’t really effin’ care.  I feel that what she caused her family and love ones to go through was incredibly selfish.  And before you give me some bullshit line about forgiving people and their actions or better yet, how drug users can’t be blamed for their actions when it’s the drug that is controlling them I’d like to give you 2 examples:

1)  On my 5th birthday, my dad checked himself into rehab for alcohol and cocaine addiction. Hey, Happy Birthday to little Molly, eh?  Well you know what?  My dad has been clean from the cocaine since then… he relapsed with the alcohol about 10 years ago (10-12 after he quit) but he’s an adult and it’s his decision to drink… do I respect that decision? No.  Does he know that?  Yes.  But he went into rehab for me and my brother.  He took whatever strength he could find and use it to kick 2 addictions (maybe 3) at the time.  He worked his ass off to quit drinking, smoking, snorting, using, whatever because he was afraid he was going to lose his children and the people who mattered in his life.

2)  When I was in high school (jr or sr year), a 2 year old was killed on her front porch by a guy that drove up onto her yard and hit the house.  He was wasted and drugged out of his mind.  That little girl will never come back.  He was charged with involuntary manslaughter and went to jail for “7” years (I think he was released in 4ish).  The difference in his sentencing was a span of 100 months if he had been charged differently.  It’s not “involuntary” when you took the pills, snorted the drugs, smoked whatever, etc.  But you know what, because that person didn’t make the choice at that EXACT moment to kill someone, then it is.  Knowing full well that we shouldn’t drink and drive because people can die and then getting hammered and driving away and killing someone (who can then sue the bar under a Dram Shop Law) is not a voluntary choice. 

So like I said… no pity for the drug heads of America (or England), but lots of thoughts to Norway.

Oh the plus side, Rapid City, SD is actually a pretty cool place to visit.  I’ll recap that when I’m in a better mood (which is obviously not today).


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  1. Sorry you are feeling so shitty… I hate being in that overly emotional state too. I don't watch Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant because it makes me bawl and puts me in a funk. Lastly, for my random comment, I agree with you regarding Amy Winehouse. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you!!

  2. It shocks me that people could be married adults and still treat others homes and belongings like that. I guess some people never do grow up or learn manners? Congrats on getting rid of the crazy housemates! On to better things…!

  3. Oh hun, you always have the short end of the stick don't you? 😦 Would it make you feel better to know that our things haven't been shipped from Minot yet? Oh yes, it's been three weeks and we get a call today to FINALLY get our appointment set up (Because after threatening them for not calling us back after numerous calls they finally decided it would be a good time to call us back.) they tell us that they have no idea where our things are so they'll call the actual company who has the things. Surprise surprise, our things won't be here for another *estimated* 10 days…and they can't set up a delivery appointment until it's here, which pushes it back another few weeks. So, long story short, you are not alone in hating the world lately. (Btw, I thought you'd find it funny to know that my word verification is bimbo!)

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