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Facebook or Twitter?

I’m a facebooker by nature, I’m working on twitter.  But my facebook account is me and my twitter is molly_danger.  I have different friends on both and I like it that way.  The real me is working on google+ but it’s really lonely over there.
Hard Tacos or Soft Tacos?
Homemade – soft.  Taco Bell – HARD! 
Gardening or crafting?
Craft, I have an issue with dirt and bugs. Oh and I hate weeds, but that’s probably from the days of picking up maple seedlings from my landscaping father for $5/hour.
Fruit or vegetables?
Fruits > Veggies… Although I probably eat more veggies (except today!! Cantaloupe and Plums… it was AWESOME.)
Motorcycle or bicycle?
Eh… I want a motorcycle and bicycles make my tailbone sore after the 2 breaks.  But I like bikes too.  I’m not partial but I love riding on the back of a crotch rocket.

3 thoughts on “MFF

  1. I'm working on Google+. I agree, it is still lonely over there, but I'm hoping everyone switches over because I'm a self proclaimed Google addict. I will use/try anything Google sponsored.

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