Update on all things life

First off, I’ve officially finished the application process for a new job, now we just wait and see if I can’t shine in the interview, assuming I get an interview.  I’m probably going to have to lie and tell them I’ll be here longer than our orders say.  Plus, we all know we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  There was a math test that was involved and it was easy, but I can only imagine how many people mess it up.  I also found a place to go to school for the certificate program.  My window is about 2 weeks to get this show on the road.  Hopefully we can get this show on the road ASAP.

Second, there is a fly in my house that needs to die.  Die, Die, Die.  I hate Minot and their stupid bugs and flies (and this one is active and won’t land to be killed).  Oh, and that jackass is messing with my dog.

Third, my boss told me she appreciates me last week.  Uh.. crap.  I must have had an attitude change.

Fourth, I’m from Indiana.  I’m a native hoosier who sounds like a chicagoan.  I wear IU gear with pride (and I don’t really like purdon’t).  I’m absolutely horrified by the stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair last night.  It’s absolutely terrifying.  There is a video (probably a few) floating around that shows the wind gust and then shows the stage literally fold onto itself and slam into the crowd.  It’s absolutely horrifying.  The last time I had that reaction was when we went through the flood zone during the flood here.  The casualty count is rising, the injury count is rising.  I’m incredibly proud of all the people who ran towards the collapse and tried to help the victims.  I really hope that I don’t recognize any of the names of the dead.  I’m too far away, the year has been too difficult on our spirits.  This town is going to be a disaster for years to come, we will be dealing with flooding for the next few years.  For the love of god world, can’t you just take a few months off from destroying people’s lives?!?

Fifth, and something that is NOT morbid, sad, or anything else.  I just ordered my crazy, expensive dog food from Wag.com  My dog is on a special diet because she has a bladder stone/crystal issue.  Usually I order her dog food straight from the manufacturer.  It comes packaged as cat food and a case is 16lbs.  The case is $38 bucks on the manufacturer’s site and shipping is somewhere near $17 per order.  It’s expensive to get it here and no one here sells it for an acceptable price (think $14/4lb bag).  I’ve been searching online for cheaper shipping options and ran into wag beta.  I got 4 bags of food (would have gotten 6 but they didn’t have it in stock), a new personalized ID tag, and conditioning shampoo for 43.45.  No joke, that’s less than I normally pay for the 4 bags of food.  They offer free shipping on orders more than $49, ship to APO/FPO, HI, and AK for an additional fee but their original shipping fee is only $4.99!  Supposedly, I’m going to get my food in 1-2 days but even if it takes another day, I don’t even care.  Oh and I totally found a coupon code on their main page for $10 off an order above $49.  So I got free shipping, 4 bags of dog food, a new pet id and shampoo for LESS than I normally pay for 4 bags of dog food normally!  I can’t vouch for the customer service and I am not getting paid for this, I’m really just super excited about this deal.  If you’d like to save 10% on your order, you can go to wag.com and use the promo code MARG6753.  I used the code WAGFETCH for my $10 off and shipping changes itself to free if you hit the $49.  They’ll also donate $10 to a pet charity of their choice for anyone who orders with the promo code with a qualifying order!  

Happy Sunday!


4 thoughts on “Update on all things life

  1. I hope you get an interview!And I didn't know that about your dog, poor girl. But you're such a good pet owner for taking such good care of her! Most people would get a new dog…and you know how I feel about that. Good deals on that site, I hope the food comes in a decent amount of time. Shipping to ND ALWAYS sucks.

  2. Thanks for sharing about the dog food! That sounds great! I just wanted to share something that my mom does for her dog food. You can sign up for the free Amazon shipping (I want to say it is 50 or 75 a year) which seems high at first… but you can order pretty much anything off of Amazon any more (including her very expensive, but cheaper on Amazon, organic dog food) and because of the program she is in- they ship EVERYTHING to her for free- even heavy things! It is really worth checking out, and there are a lot of deals on food, dog food, and household goods all the time!

  3. I have seen that, I just can't seem to find my food on there! But I've heard great things about the amazon prime thing! Thanks for the idea again, it never hurts to check again.

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