I love North Dakota…. NOT.

So I totally started going through my feeds and then got a little depressed when SOMEONE started posting pictures of their pending PCS to italy and realized I’m still stuck here in Why Not? for god only knows how long.  Have I ever told you how much I hate this place?  Well, I do.  I know that every duty station is what you make of it… here’s my list of nice things about North Dakota:

  1. Lots of summer sunlight
  2. Doesn’t rain a whole lot
  3. Long summer days
  4. Relatively safe
  5. Consistent gas prices (3.69 for 3 weeks..)
  6. Decent base housing
  7. There is a starbucks
Do I mind living here? No.. I live in my house, I go to work, I do my thing.  Do I want to live here?  No.  This state is so ass backwards that if you come here with a teaching degree from another state, you’re pretty much unemployable (it’s bullshit, I know).  Your degree is useless here because there are plenty of places to work and none of them pay decent.  I’m seriously considering being a pizza delivery driver or server because they make decent money, I, do not.  I’m not starving here, I’m not dying to pay my bills but when your boss introduces you to the wives of the new vice whoever’s as the girl who is undepaid, I want to slam my head into the wall.
On a side note, Superman keeps talking about babies.  I keep talking about credit card bills.  I think I’d like to shoot him.  His pay sucks too, just for the record.  I would like to go see my family but to get there, you’re talking at least 500 bucks in travel money.  Or, I could fly for the outrageous price tag of 1k.  Like I said, I hate this place.  It’s like being overseas but without the benefits of a COLA.  I’m surprised people actually speak English here.
Oh, and we’re officially on the weight loss kick, I’m down 6 lbs already and we’re shooting for somewhere in the 30-40 lb ball park.  I’m sick of being chunky.

2 thoughts on “I love North Dakota…. NOT.

  1. It's not forever, just try and remember that. I moved there Jan 2009, and here it is, the middle of 2011 and I got to leave. Your time will come, just think of it as doing time, lol. 😉 Hopefully after that you'll get to go somewhere awesome. AND think about the job situation this way, at least you HAVE a job. I know back home it is awfully hard to get a job right now, and I'm beginning to worry about here. :/ Just try and see the positives! Anddd I have to say I think it's cute your husband wants kids. Even if it's not practical right now.

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