Reasons I don’t like Minot

1.  Everywhere I go I’m surrounded by obese families.  I realize that I’m not skinny, in shape, or even at a healthy weight right now… but I fit through 1 door.  Today I went to Barnes & Noble to find a book about juicing and seriously had to wait for a family to come barreling through both doors.  Of course the dad and mom were the biggest, but they walked through the middle of the doors because they were so big.

2.  RUDE – I will cut you.
The same family from Barnes & Noble that took the whole door thus not letting anyone else use the door did not say thank you while I sat there and held the door open for them.  I hate going downtown to shop, I hate listening to people have conversations on their cell phones, loudly, in public.  What I hate more than anything is to be slapped with someone’s purse.  Yeah, that happened to.  There aren’t a zillion people in Minot, we aren’t on top of each other like sardines in a can.  DO NOT STAND THAT EFFIN CLOSE TO ME.  OMFG.  Even when I lived in a crowded college town overrun with designer hand bags, unnecessary ugg boots and the constant whine of a jersey JAP; I could not stand being hit with a purse.  I may or may not have taken said purse and thrown it across the bar while you weren’t paying attention.  It’s like hitting someone with an umbrella, it only happens because the person carrying the umbrella is to self-involved to notice others.  The words, “Excuse Me”, go a very long way.

3.  Pompous D-bags.  Maybe it’s because this place is like a fishbowl and under a microscope anymore.  But seriously, I realize that some people like to flaunt their intelligence and I realize that my grammar is questionable at best sometimes.  What irritates me to no end is the misuse of words because you failed to learn the proper definition.  Just because you’ve heard it in a sentence doesn’t mean it was used properly.  I remember when I was in college I had a friend who kept using the word juxtapose incorrectly.  She thought it meant at odds with or embroiled in some type of conflict with.  She had heard an English teacher use it and thought she could replicate it…. poorly.  Today the misused word of the day was foray.  Just for the record definition of foray.  It’s a cool word, just use it right.  You can’t make a foray into something after the initial entrance or attack.  Plus, most people really don’t care about Homer.  I’m just sayin’.

4.  BUGS.  The horseflies are terrible, the mosquitoes are terrible, and the gnats are downright annoying.

5.  Crazy folks.  I run a program for little people and I’m not referring to midgets.  Originally my program had 20 spots, well, there were so many people I added more classes and have moved up to 60 spots.  People are trying to trade spots on facebook.  I really don’t know whether to be impressed or downright annoyed.  I’m more annoyed than anything else.  People who didn’t make the initial sign-ups were placed on a waitlist.  They were pulled from a waitlist based on an invitation to join a specific session.  I’m seriously waiting for them to start selling their spots.  They seem to think they’re allowed to do whatever they want anyway, I wouldn’t be shocked if it started happening.

6.  The lack of 4 discriminate seasons.  Summer is 4 weeks… seriously?!  There better be some fall.

Maybe it was just Barnes & Noble and facebook but man, I’ve had enough of people today.

Oh, have you seen the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead?  It’s definitely an interesting one.  We may or may not have bought a juicer today.


5 thoughts on “Reasons I don’t like Minot

  1. I feel you even though I have never been to either Dakota but I would have though you were describing Killeen/Fort Hood if I didn't know better. That place was awful with the worst people.

  2. Fall is beautiful- and there are two awesome weeks after the first snow (normally in mid Oct) where it snows, quickly melts, and all the bugs are dead because of it. Then it warms up again for a bit, there are pretty fall colors (at least in downtown Minot), and there is the perfect fall chill. Snow doesn't return until mid Dec. normally…so look forward to no bugs! Nick and I always joked that there are four good weeks in ND- the two weeks in spring before the bugs arrive and it's not too hot, and the two weeks in fall when the bugs die and it's not too cold. 😉

  3. Yeah, my friends just got orders to freaking Montana and my first thought was.. "Well at least its not Minot". There is a strooong chance we could end up in Minot- and there is a likely chance I will be just as obese from depression from being there.

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