National Guard

From time to time I receive e-mails asking me to post things for random organizations.  Usually, I will — except for TGI Friday’s.  Hell, I wasn’t even nice when they asked.  There is no TGI Friday’s here.  I haven’t seen or eaten at one in over a year because we keep getting sent to places they aren’t.  Where I live isn’t a secret so when people ask me to post things about products that I don’t have access to, I get a little irritated.

Anyway, the National Guard asked me to post about their Adventures program in the past, and I obliged.  The little bro is Nat’l Guard these days anyway.  Their newest program is also interactive and it’s called My Life.  This interactive application allows you to choose different jobs and check out their career paths.  I may not be military myself, but I can tell you that I have toyed with the idea of serving.  Unfortunately, they aren’t interested in me for a few reasons.  Anyway, this app lets you see where your choices will take you.  I’ve said before that student loans are the devil and I stand by that statement.  I’m going to tell you now, if you can find a way to have your college paid for free and clear (or with a little bit of requirements), omg, do it!  The national guard has some programs in place that pay for college in return for service.  Yes, you may get deployed and yes, it can be dangerous… but maybe I’m weird or maybe I’ve changed as I’ve gotten older but living a selfish life and in it for only yourself and not your family or anyone else, is stupid.  Do something important with your life.


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