New Job and the Crazy Boss Chronicles

I am supposed to be heading to work in approximately 5 minutes, but I’d rather update you guys.  Well, that I’m reinstalling my printer on laptop #2.

Anyway, I was offered and accepted the new job (woo-hoo) for a normal job that offers raises, potential, advancement, national certification, & training.  I also emailed the boss lady and told her when my last day was.  She’s not exactly thrilled about the whole situation.  After the day was done on Monday, I was summoned (ok, not really, but she was going to call me so it was really just better to get it over with in person) to her office to speak to her about said resignation.  I didn’t originally tell her what I would be doing, nor did I tell her why I was leaving.  Well, she asked, and well, I told her.  I told her I hated the place, I told her I felt disrespected as a person, I told her I didn’t appreciate her snapping at me because someone wasn’t listening, I told her how shitty I thought it was that she still hadn’t spoken to me about the TDY I was supposed to go on, I told her how disrespectful it was to bother your employees at 8am on a Sunday when the building is closed.  I just kinda TOLD her.  I told her it wasn’t the job, it was her and not only was it her, but it was how the facility ran.  I probably would have said much less but she told me that she felt that I was directing things at her.  She told me I was the best person she’s ever had in that position, I have so much initiative, she doesn’t want to see me go, I should rethink my decision, programs will never be the same, etc. etc. etc. word vomit.  Then, when she asked me why I didn’t come to her, I said, “Well, what’s the point?  Every time I’ve tried to tell you something you don’t listen to me anyway.”  And you know what?  That’s the honest truth.  I’ve told her about the pay situation.  I’ve told her about the programming.  I’ve told her and told her until I’m blue in the face and she hasn’t listened, paid attention, taken action, or anything; as a matter of fact she has actually ignored me and did it anyway.  I’m Done

Oh and then to top it all off, she said this… “How much would it cost me to keep you?”

Needless to say, I filled out my New Hire paperwork this morning.


One thought on “New Job and the Crazy Boss Chronicles

  1. I'm glad you're leaving that job. It seems to have brought you nothing but stress! Not what you need right now, or ever really, but you know what I'm saying. I hope this new job works out better for you, you deserve a job and a boss that you like!

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