Friday Fill-In (late)

So, I’m a few days late on this..  but, well, that’s just the story of my life at this point.

Head on over to Wifey to link up (probably on time, lol).

1. Right now, our weather is 67 degrees, crazy windy, and sunny.  But incredibly warmer than it has been (we frosted last week).

2. Sometimes I like to let my hair down and not brush it at all during the day.  Hah.  If my hair is down 2 things have happened 1) I just got out of the shower or 2) I just woke up or being incredibly lazy for the day.  My idea of letting my hair down involves stealing Superman’s car and just CRUISING with the windows down, sunroof open and whatever I feel like listening to blasting on the radio.

3. Mommy Rambles made a post about heroes… my hero is  I don’t know if I’ve ever had a hero.  I really like Michael Jordan, but we all know that he’s not the greatest person.  I think if I had to pick one today it would be my grandmother.  She is the most humble person I know and has always put her family first, even in the toughest of times.  I think that anyone who is capable of overcoming some of the biggest challenges in life with their head held high should be considered a hero.  I guess I’m one of those weird people who never really had a hero, I had people I looked up to but I don’t think any one person encompasses who I want to be when I grow up and I think that’s what a hero is.  (Hah, I just read the link… that is a great compliment).

4. It’s a weird combination, but I swear potato chips ON sandwiches are a perfect pair! (YES THEY ARE J!) I also think that grape jelly on a taco is delicious.  I know that’s super weird but trust me, when you’re a kid and you think that grape jelly is like god’s gift to the food world and tacos are just spicier than hell, it fixes it.

5. Some may see the glass half empty and others may see it half full, but I see the glass as just being there.  I’m not an optimist or a pessimist, I’m a realist and that’s just how it goes.


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