The Big D and other D’s

We got the news about our bucket/band/whatever they want to call it these days… it totally ruins a lot of things.  I was totally prepared for January/February.  I was NOT prepared for the month they chose.  Damnit.  Based on the crew that’s going, it doesn’t look to be one of the super dangerous ones like the group that just went.  I’m happy about that… but I’m not happy with the people who have been assigned to the group.  As a matter of fact, 2 of them specifically are on my super shit list.  I have no respect for them, I don’t even like them and I’m not comfortable with one of them being remotely responsible for protecting my husband’s ass.  This is the same fucktard (yes, I pulled that card) that chipped Superman’s tooth trying to joke with him, was told he could have 2 beers and then got wasted underage and subsequently put me in a predicament, lied to me, is a mouthy little bastard who doesn’t know his place, pisses me off on a regular basis because he’s an IDIOT, has the IQ of a ground squirrel, argues with people about random things and is always wrong, constantly needs to be watched and corrected, and did I mention he’s stupid?!  My biggest fear is that something will happen to Superman because he’s too stupid to recognize a situation.  He fell off a fire truck last week.  Just for the record, that’s not normal.  I don’t actually know anyone besides this guy that has.  He had to go get x-rays because he fell of during an exercise ONTO his air pak.  He missed a step because he doesn’t pay attention.  He also thinks it’s hilarious and a joke that he hasn’t finished his CDC’s in a timely manner.  I, on the other hand, am not impressed with his stupidity, lack of commitment, or anything related to his sub-par ability to function as an adult in an adult environment.  You know what, I’m going to stop because I won’t say anything else nice.  The other guy is Superman’s workout buddy who seems to think that the world revolves around him.

How do you handle dealing with a situation like this?  We don’t have the same types of deployments that involve the whole unit leaving, we only send like 6 or so.  I can’t even think of a worst person to accompany him.  I know I’m over thinking this since we are still many months out and things could change.  But the idiot is already whining about having to go because that’s when he’s supposed to get married, wah wah wah.  It’s already gotten to the point where I actually looked at him and told him to get over it because the AF doesn’t exactly compromise or care when you’re getting married and you don’t get to tell them how it is.

There’s the other situation I’m not feeling right now.  Is anyone else noticing that there are a lot of people that are joining the military that think the world revolves around them and their lives?  Maybe it’s because I’m older, maybe it’s because I have family that’s served, but I was under the impression that when you’re serving in the military, you’re serving.  They aren’t catering to your life and all the stupid crap you want to do with your “free” time.  We cherish our free time together and the ability to spend some time to our friends.  He proudly serves in the AF, I proudly stand beside him.  Does it irritate me when the military tells me how I’m going to live my life?  Yes.  Do I sometimes want to tell the AF where to shove it?  You betcha.  I just really don’t understand people.  I’m just so sick of selfish people, and that goes for the wives too.

Has anyone seen the facebook group, “Overly Sensitive Military Wives”?  They take pictures of overweight military wives and post it on the internet so that other people can make fun of them.  The call them dependepotamus.  And we wonder why people are having an issue with bullying?  Have you ever heard a 5 year old tell someone he was stupid and that he was going to stomp him… during a soccer PRACTICE?  Makes you wonder what is going on in their home lives and what they’re teaching their kids.  Because you know, you’re totally supposed to get all dolled up to go to the frickin’ commissary for eggs.  I didn’t get dressed up to go to class in college, why would I do my hair to go grocery shopping?


2 thoughts on “The Big D and other D’s

  1. BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, the last sentence seriously made my day. I made time to brush my teeth and gather the crap that I forgot to put in my bag the night before. Sounds like Superman is going with a couple of winners. That sucks!

  2. HI there my name is theresa and i just started following you today,my husband is a firedawg as well we are at LUKE AFB in AZ. and i came across your blog through another military wifes blog and had to follow you, i loved this post, and i was actually part of this conversation at the bus stop today and it bothered me you make a really good point, i would love to be friends with ya if you would like to follow me back you could i leave comments to my recently updated followers so u can expect a comment from me lol. =) look forward to keeping in touch !

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