A very boring sunday

I’m sitting here watching the Bears v Packers game and am beyond irritated with the Bears performance, but that’s really nothing new at this point.  The joy of being a Chicago anything fan is being accustomed to being frustrated and heartbroken for years at a time.

My fantasy team is doing decent this week but if you’ve been watching me on twitter at all (molly_danger), you know that I am PISSED at Matt Ryan.  If anyone has a personal connection to him, can you please let him know that his sub-par performance in the last 3 weeks has officially placed him on the bench and possibly into the FA pool on my espn league?

We’re dogsitting a Yorkie Poo who is apparently not housebroken.  I’m close to locking the dog in a closet for the next 9 days until her owner returns.  We are going to have to steam clean the whole upstairs at this point (thank god that we don’t have carpet all over the house).  Anyone have any suggestions on how to get pet remnants out of the base housing carpet so we can pass the blacklight test?  I really don’t want to have to worry about this later and my dog is housebroken… and trained.  She is over the little dog who keeps jumping on her and trying to powerbomb her from the couch.

I have 2 weeks left at el jobo.  It’s going to be the longest 2 weeks ever.  I asked my boss last week if she had posted my job yet and she hadn’t.  I gave her 4 weeks notice and she has not posted my job on nafjobs yet.  WTF.  She’s about worthless as a person and she thinks that she’ll just have her current staff run it instead of finding someone to take over the position.  I gave her ample time so that the new person would possibly be hired in somewhere near mid-October.  Way to go.  Bravo.  That’s pretty indicative of how she feels about her own job anymore as well.

Have I ever mentioned that I’m a couponer?  Well, I am.  I have enough pasta for the next year.  I also scored some super sweet deals this last week thanks to all the razor coupons that were released.  Superman is officially golden on razors, I snagged him 4 Shick Hydro w/ spare blade, 4 Titanium Quattro’s with spare blades, myself 16 quattro blades, 4 things of shaving cream, and 4 boxes of tampons for $3.20.  My receipt told me I saved 72 bucks on just that stuff.  I was super excited.  I decided that if we are going to be dealing with the big D, I’m going to be prepared so that I don’t have to buy crap for him and he doesn’t buy it over there, especially if I can get it for free.  I’m also stocked up completely on spare toothbrushes and toothpaste.  There is some fun little game about getting things for free.  Now, do I get things for free that I don’t need and hoard them?  No.  I kept getting dog food for free (actually, paid to buy it) which sounds awesome, except my dog doesn’t eat it.  So I was giving it away.  Right now I have 3 containers of Ben Gay that I won’t use that I’m trying to find a new home for because they actually paid me to buy them.  I’m not going to lie and say I love my commissary, it’s tiny, the selection sucks, and it’s just depressing.  But, I shop there a lot because it’s cheap and there is nothing better than getting free stuff off of it.  Plus, any normal store is over 15 miles away and their prices are ridiculous.  When did coffee start costing $12 a container for Folgers?!?

Update on my fantasy football team, Matt Ryan still has negative points.  ARGH.


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