Last Day!

Wow, oddly fitting that my last day at work would be my 200th post!

Talk about a milestone.  Anyway, tomorrow is very much the last day, except I only have like 2 hours to get my entire life together and that’s totally not going to happen.  I’m making Superman come help me because there is no way I’ll get done in time.  It’s going to be a crazy day.

Did anyone besides me and PoeKitten watch the Oregon game??  I swear the play where James dislocated his elbow (according to AP) broke twitter.  I was already on twitter and went to go put an update and couldn’t do anything.  You should really watch the replay of that play, it made me nauseous.  I really hope that it was just a dislocated elbow because it looked gruesome.  I also got to see the duck do his push-ups and was impressed to see him in action again, I haven’t been able to catch him in action recently.  And let me just throw out there that the Tigers won the ALDS… did the Earth just shift on its axis?  Yeah, my entire post is about sports, I know that most of you are girls and you probably don’t care about any of this but I do.

If you haven’t caught on yet, I like sports.  I also really like the fact that someone re-tweeded (molly_danger) my tweet about possibly throat punching Matt Ryan because of my fantasy football team.  Yeah, I totally do that too.  Let me tell you something about Fantasy Football.. it is the most annoying thing to do ever, next to fantasy baseball.  No matter what kind of team you have, someone just thinks it’s hilarious to screw it all up (I’m looking at you Reggie Bush).  Not only that, but all the boys just assume you have no idea what you’re doing.  The same d-bag keeps sending me trade requests.  I keep declining them.  He’s annoying me.  He plays this fun little game where he always throws in an extra player that you don’t have room for on your bench and would have to drop anyway and some sub-par player who gets less point than my dying starting lineup as it is.  He even tried to tell me that GM’s are on the phone all the time, my response to him was that I have a day job and maybe he should get one.  He apologized.  I want to throat punch him too.

Next time I’ll tell you about my check engine light, now that’s annoying.


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