Student Loan Consolidation Part 380982309832!

I’m just going to start this whole thing off with OMFG.

Somehow, we managed to get 1 person’s student loan consolidated no questions asked, no problems.  Mine on the other hand have been a serious headache.  According to Direct Loans (who by the way, changed their system sometime in August or so and stopped submitting IBR documents to the servicing side of their ops and didn’t tell anyone), I don’t qualify for IBR.  But you want to know what’s hilarious?  Superman does.  I am so confused and irritated.  If I have to deal with one more person who can’t functionally answer a questions without giving me some B.S. runaround, I’m going to throat punch them.

The girl I talked to today couldn’t even functionally navigate their new website (they switched websites/payment systems/etc. and ended up in some land of HELL).  The last girl I talked to told me I didn’t qualify.. until I pointed out that Superman qualifies and then she was uber confused and I’m uber irritated.  I called today and she told me that the paperwork hadn’t finished processing yet and then I opened the mail and there was ANOTHER letter telling me I don’t qualify.  Holy WTF batman.

I’m so beyond irritated.  I keep reading the Q & A’s on the federal student loan website and the paragraph says this, “Under changes made to the IBR regulations that will take effect July 1, 2010, married borrowers who file joint tax returns and who both have elgiible student loan debt will have their individual IBR eligibility determined based on their joint income and the combined eligible loan debt of both spouses.”  Now, unless I’m having the most illiterate day ever, that loosely translates to, we take yours+his debt & yours+his income to decide whether or not you are facing a financial hardship.  And if he qualifies for a financial hardship, you do too since the figures are the same for both of you.  But apparently I must be illiterate because DL and I are having a serious argument with this situation.  Or they can’t seem to figure out that I’m married.  I’m just not sure what the heck is going on but I can tell you that I’m about to randomly start screaming in a corporate office in some weird state.  I would actually SAVE money to drive there and start screaming in TX/NY/CA than continuing to pay the current amount due on my student loans for the rest of this year.

Until next time, I’m sure there will be more screaming.

On a positive note, it was 62 degrees and sunny here today.


2 thoughts on “Student Loan Consolidation Part 380982309832!

  1. Sounds awful. 😦 I have zero experience with student loans so I can't be of any help, but I miss your wit and sense of humor! Come to the Pacific Northwest already okay? :)P.S. I left you an award on my blog a couple days ago.

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