World’s Worst Blogger

I totally promised that I would update everyone and then… fail.

Here it goes.  I started my new job at the hospital and washed my hands of the old place.  One of my co-workers spends more time texting than doing anything else.  Another one sits on her ass for as long as humanly possible.  If I did what the second one did, I would be so bored I’d hate my job.  As for the actual job, I like it.  It keeps me busy, keeps me thinking, keeps me paying attention.

We bought a new car.  Well, it’s a used car buy it’s new to us.  The newest addition to our family was a Ford F-150 Super Cab Lariat Edition.  Good-bye Lancer.  It’s awesome.  The seats are heated!  Plus, Superman can officially drive himself to and from now when it’s snowing.

Speaking of snow, guess what happened this week in NODAK?  It snowed.  That’s not very shocking but it finally happened.  Oh and it’s colder than hades already.  I swear it was 60 degrees 10 days ago.  This morning when I went to work at O’Dark 30, it was -9.  This exact moment we are ringing in at 24 with a windchill of 11.

I get to go home for Christmas this year!  Superman is staying here, but I’m going back.  I haven’t been home since February and I wasn’t home last Christmas.  I’m really excited about going back for it.

We are also stocking up on the jobs.  Superman is up to 3.  I’ll be heading to 2 soon.  We are officially trying to pay off all the shit that we can as quickly as possible.

Now, onto the funny things of the week.  1) Sallie Mae sent us a letter telling us that we have to recertify to continue to get the interest rate deduction with SCRA.  Problem — they don’t have any of our loans anymore.  WTF?!  2) I called DL AGAIN because mine hasn’t finished finalizing yet, specifically the IBR part of my student loan consolidation.  Apparently when DL shut down their systems to transfer to a new system, they didn’t take into consideration how long it would take them to get back up and running.  The 7-10 business days they quoted me in September is actually going to be approximately 4 months.  Oh, and even though you sign the form with your income size and spouse’s social security number and they have to sign it to allow them to calculate with your spouse’s student loan debt… you have to write it on the damn form in the margin according to the last CSR I talked to there who put my account on an admin forbearance until 15 Jan because they don’t think they’ll get through all the paperwork by then.  You have got to be kidding me.

Oh, and on the note of fantasy football — you didn’t think I was going to let a post go through without discussing sports. My fantasy football team is still dying but I did manage to get some more info on the d-bag who kept sending me trade requests.  Guess who’s unemployed?  Mr. Iwannatrademywholeteamforyourbestplayer.  It explains everything and still pisses me off.  Oh, and I’m still losing, but I really don’t even care right now.

Until next time!


5 thoughts on “World’s Worst Blogger

  1. haha I feel you on the loans. I have $130,000 of them (thanks Auburn) and apparently now all of my government loans are going through some division of that sallie mae company too. I have 6 stafford loans from the good ole government and they refuse to consolidate them. So I have to make 6 separate payments every month. Are you kidding me?? Feeling your pain.

  2. sallie mae offers terrible borrower benefits. thats the exact reason we moved everyhing over to direct loans. i know im having a hard time with them but seriously, you should look into it. theyll consolidate anything thats a federal loan. it would definitely get rid of at least 5 payments a month.

  3. YAYYYYY for going home at Christmas! :)It's supposed to snow on Sunday and I'm praying that it does. As much as I HATE and DESPISE the snow, I'm kind of hoping for something to make it feel more like winter/the holidays are VERY soon

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