My Official Stance on shopping on Thanksgiving.

I refuse to shop at a retailer who opens on Thanksgiving and demands that their employees man their battlestations for all the Ya-Hoo’s out shopping on Thanksgiving in hopes of beating the crowds.

Seriously… is it NECESSARY for Old Navy to be open ON Thanksgiving to sell nothing important and a $10 off $50 purchase?  NO.  Evil, Evil company.  I’m actually shocked that the one here is going to be open. 

Minot is special.  It may be difficult for you to find a job in any state except North Dakota.  I’m not kidding.  Fast food around here is paying upwards of $10/hr.  You can get a job without ever interviewing for it.  You’ll never make this money anywhere else.  You want to try a job for 8 months, leave it, get another (and completely different) one and then pick up a second 1-2 days a week??  No problemo.  Don’t want to work on Thanksgiving?  Shouldn’t be a problem, call in sick.  They need you so bad they might just give you a raise to make you come back to work.  Need a day off?  Just quit.  You’ll most likely get rehired anyway.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I will be shopping tomorrow… ONLINE, where I should be.  The only store I will actually need to go to is Menards… assuming I wake up in time, on FRIDAY.  Guess who isn’t open on Thanksgiving?!?! Menards.  Guess who realizes that their employees really do need a break and deserve to spend time with their family?  Lots of stores.  For all of you crazy people who are planning on raiding Old Navy tomorrow… I hope they don’t have your size.  Go home, shop online, and just let those employees have a nice quiet day working when they don’t want to be so that you can go psycho shopping.

My official stance on shopping on Thanksgiving is that it should only take place online.  For the love of god, let people enjoy their families, it’s not like they don’t bust their ass for their POS company all year long only to find out that they are losing their holidays for sales that probably cost the store more than they’ll make.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and for all of you that have to work at some crazy company who thinks they need to be open on Thanksgiving so that you can sell bullshit merchandise…. get a new job because your boss/company sucks.


2 thoughts on “My Official Stance on shopping on Thanksgiving.

  1. I went to Toys R Us last night to pick up a Christmas gift before the sale ended. I was not going to deal with going tonight or tomorrow. I felt bad for everyone there. They had the place stocked, and they were all talking about how much they were going to be working today and Friday. Stores do not need to be open today.

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