I did it again…

I went shopping on Black Friday again.

This time though, I didn’t go to Walmart and I wasn’t there when Target opened up.  Instead, we started at Victoria’s Secret.  Let’s be serious, is there ever a time where you couldn’t use more bras and panties?  No.  The door prize for a purchase of $65 or more was a bag with goodies in it (which I will be regifting the goodies).  There were 16 year olds screaming about yoga pants.  They went in there running and screaming, it was insane.  We also checked out a few other stores (Journey’s, Eddie Bauer, Vanity, American Eagle, you name it).  We tried to go to Old Navy, but let me tell you something… their line was INSANE.  I don’t even know what people were buying, it was just nuts.

But I did manage to score some really sweet deals at Eddie Bauer and won the battle over the extraordinarily cheap sonicare toothbrush (with a coupon… and a mail-in-rebate)… twice, actually.  I will be returning one of them as it was just a back-up plan.

All in all, I’m pretty much done shopping for Superman, and I definitely scored a deal at Children’s Place for a present for my niece.  So far, so good.  Now, I just need to finish my wreaths for the family and find something for my dad.

Oh and I also learned how to shoot a 45mm , 20 cal, 9mm, and 223 cal(?) rifles and handguns.  I even have the rookie shotgun bruise to prove it (which looks like I’m a beaten wife, btw).  I’ve never shot anything before so that was pretty rockin’.

My right upper arm.
This picture doesn’t do it justice, it’s a deep purple with an almost rosy colored mark in the middle. 
Did I mention that it’s sore as Hades?

We are probably going to start decorating next week for Christmas too.  It’ll definitely look better than this: 

Last year’s Charlie Brown Christmas Tree in the world’s tiniest apartment.

It was totally the best Thanksgiving ever.  How was YOURS??  Tell me about it!


2 thoughts on “I did it again…

  1. I thought at first that you were going to say you got that bruise from Black Friday shopping! Glad it was from shooting. Nick's such an avid shooter and gun lover, he wants me to go with, but doesn't have a gun that he thinks I can handle right now. Lol. Our Thanksgiving was good! We had a couple of friends over and it was nice because we got some one on one time with them and it wasn't to overly crowded. The dishes though, holy dishes! I'm definitely using paper for Christmas! 🙂

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