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I’ve only got a few good ones this time… it’s been a little slow on the search season.  –  You found me!! If you haven’t figured it out yet, I do indeed have a direct URL.  Now I just need a blog makeover.

Finances with marrying an airman – do you guys actually expect to get a resonable answer when googling this??  Seriously, that doesn’t ask a question, nor can I answer one properly.  My advice to you, BUDGET.  If you don’t you’re screwed.  You’ll become THAT person who buys things off the online base yardsale sites and then turns around and sells it when you’re broke.  Oh and no whining about pay when you refuse to get a job for no apparent reason.

Airman that make 83 thousand – I kid you not, that’s actually a search term.  I’d like to meet that airman.  I want to know his job, hell I’ll enlist for that.  Maybe when they get out?  Maybe as a GS-13 (no longer an airman).  But HOLY CRAP.  You find me an airman that makes 83 thousand outside of the officer spectrum and I will start playing matchmaker.  As for the officer spectrum, look for Majors & Lt. Col and up. (O-4+).  For the record, I wish we made 83,000/year.  My life would be a cake walk.

Do married airman get called in?  – You mean on their off days?  Yes.  They all do.  Married or not, it’s likely they’ll get called in.  It’s like when you first PCS to a base and your airman is busy in-processing (see: Hell).  There are pretty much no days off in the beginning, lucky if you get them without them having to go SOMEWHERE and do SOMETHING.

How much leave does an airman get – 2.5 days/month or 30 days a year.  There are some other leaves you can take advantage of such as recruiter’s assistance programs (RAP) after Tech School, Travel time, house hunting leave, baby leave, family emergency, etc.  But the standard is 30 days/year.

How to sweet talk Sallie Mae – Learn their native language.  I never succeeded and it wasn’t for a lack of trying.  Their CSR’s have no connection to anyone so nothing gets done, ever.  I gave up and transferred my loans to Direct Loans (which by the way is turning into a huge hassle for me and NONE for my husband, go figure).  The borrower benefits are better over there.  They are just completely backed up by stuff and no one really seems to know why since they switched their system.  It’s a disaster.  The last girl I talked to told me that they are going to extend my administrative forbearance until mid-January because the paperwork I put in September hasn’t been looked at yet.  I hate Sallie Mae with an unbridled passion.  Their predatory techniques single-handedly will make me rethink my future children’s educational plans as they grow up.

2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS – Yup, we sold that car.  Bought a truck instead.  Yay for driving in the snow!


2 thoughts on “Searchy Searchy

  1. You should see the ones I get. Some of them are downright funny, but most of them are weird decorating questions (which makes sense, but it's weird how they're worded). Whatever, good for a laugh, maybe I should copy your idea. 😉

  2. Molly I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your blog. My fiancee just graduated BMT in October and is at school, we're planning on getting married (by proxy) soon so I can join him. All your advice really helps! Do you have any more for a soon-to-be military wife moving to a new place?

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