Approved Leave!

We FINALLY got our leave approved for the first time since he’s been in the military (almost 2 years!).  We will be traveling to see his mom in Virginia.

I was so excited about this because we were going to get to spend time with her, see the area, visit some friends,chill out, etc.

And then yesterday, Superman told me that his dad and brother would be joining us in VA.  Which in turn, means his sister will also be joining us in VA but hasn’t committed yet, or they haven’t told her.

So instead of having a cool vacation where we could sit around and relax and stuff, we are going to have the entire fam-damily out there.  I’m not even kidding.  His mom lives with her sister and mom, 3 dogs, and possibly a bipolar sister who will most likely, randomly show up.  So instead of having any type of relaxing vacation with no plans and some fun, we will be entertaining a 3 ring circus of the whole family.

Let me introduce you to the cast:
Dad – “High-strung, money obsessed dad who constantly fights with sister.” (divorced from mom)
Mom – “I’d rather hang out and chat, drink coffee all day and I totally go with the flow.” (divorced from dad)
Bro – “I’m pretty chill, I like to hang out, drink some beers, and just be in the presence of family.”
Sister – “I’m 20 and I think that working 20hrs/week is too much.  Give me money and buy me things.”  AKA “I will pit mom and dad against each other for personal, monetary gain.”
Aunt T – I am better than everyone, don’t use my crap or pay me for it. Cousin K is my son.  I would sell my kidney for the eff up.
Nana – I live here, I’m retired.  I’m not very nice.
Aunt S – I’m bipolar and generally unmedicated so I make strange decisions
Cousin K – I’m an addict and in and out of jail since I can’t kick a habit. Aunt T is my mom and I walk on gold.  She’s even living in the house I bought because I convinced her to co-sign before I got arrested.

From the looks of it so far, we’re going to have Dad, Mom, Bro, Sis, Aunt T, Nana, & Aunt S.  I believe K is in jail on a probation violation.  Otherwise we’ll see him too.  I’m going to lose it.

There will be fights and screaming matches, people pissed off at other people, Sis flipping out. Dad yelling at sis.  I just want a quiet vacation!

Anyone else have this problem?  They were all here in September, I’m not sure the need for it now.  They are way more excited to see him now that he’s in the military than ever before.  To the point where his dad has pretty much acted like all he did was screw up but now, he’s a saint.


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