I’m how old?

This is an update to Well, It’s February… it’ll be short and sweet.

Refresh – I turn 28 next week (Holy Crap).

I was at work and was doing my thing and laughing at Ellen in the background.  Her challenge to her viewers was to break it down behind people without them noticing.  It was hilarious.  I made a comment to my 19 year old co-worker who was also dying laughing about how I love watching Ellen during this specific time frame.  I think Ellen is HILARIOUS.

Some old lady, and by old, I really do mean like pushing retirement walks in and says, “I don’t like her. /insert mumbling here about Ellen being gay that wasn’t coherent or legible enough to react to/.  It must be because I’m not a teenager.”

Did you catch that last part?  “It must be because I’m not a teenager.”  

No joke, I stopped everything I was doing at stared at her.  Forget the fact that she’s from a very conservative area and gay is just not cool around here and she managed to say something that wasn’t clearly identified as an insult.  THAT WHORE CALLED ME A TEENAGER.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… it should be a great thing to get confused with a teenager.  Think again.  When you’re 21, you’re not insulted about being a teenager (unless they fight with you about your ID).  When you’re nearly 30, it’s a straight insult.  My 19 year old co-worker didn’t get it, for obvious reasons, she thinks being a teenager is fantastic.

I on the other hand was hugely insulted.

So I did what any spiteful teenager would do, I stole that bitch’s pen.


3 thoughts on “I’m how old?

  1. AHAHAHAHAH! I'm dying! I literally laughed out loud reading about you stealing her pen!!!! Thank you for that today! HAHAHA! But I agree 200% Ellen is awesome and she always makes me laugh.

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