Warning… further down this page is a half-naked budoir-type advertisement.  So maybe you shouldn’t read this on a public computer or whatever?

Have you heard about EdenFantasys?  I know you’ve probably seen something because there are a lot of bloggers talking about this site.  I was really interested in looking at it, mainly because they have some really awesome products that aren’t always sex related.  They have a huge selection of Beauty and Body products that includes make-up, shower gels, and even some naughty massage oils and edible stuff.  The one that really caught my eye was a Simply Sensual Body Lotion Body Moisturizer.  I am a sucker for all things green tea, plus the first ingredient is water (and as an added bonus, it’s infused with pheromones).  Maybe this will calm my itchy winter skin because I can tell you that up here in NoDak, it’s awful.

The other neat thing they have is Party Favor and Gag Gifts.  They ship discreetly so your recipient won’t be embarrassed by the mail man.  For those of us military spouses, this is perfect for sending items to events we can’t make it to.  We’d all love to go to our friends from home bachelorette parties, but sometimes traveling is just not feasible… send them your present instead and cut out the leg work of having to track it down.  There is very little selection up here and these prices are better than we can even get our hands on and your friend from home can have a pretty spectacular present.

For all you budoir vixen’s out there, they have an entire section on their site dedicated to outfitting you for the occasion.  I know it’s a huge thing now, doing the pictures and sending them to your DH, making a calendar, whatever.  Our biggest shop is in the mall and let me just tell you, everyone shows up in the same outfits.  Why not get something different?  Not to mention, it’s really hard to find things for the fuller figured gal out there.  But EdenFantasys has us covered.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Now listen, let’s be serious… deployments suck and sometimes we never see our husbands.  When we do, why not make it interesting?  They also have a full line of sex toys that can be shared or kept to yourself. 

Sure, some of this stuff will make some of us blush, but they have so many things on this website that you probably didn’t even know you were looking for (like body wash!).  Maybe Valentine’s Day was a bust, but why not make your anniversary spectacular?


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