The Direct Loans Saga… part 2 or 3 or 4 or whatever.

If you’ve been following my chronicles of my student loan consolidation ‘project’… here’s a little update.

On March 14, 2011 – Student Loans = Devil where I worked through our options.

On April 28, 2011 – Sallie Mae is the Devil where I discussed my overt hostility with student loan giant, Sallie Mae.

On October 13, 2011 Student Loan Consolidation Part 13728974198 (or something like that) where I laid out all the crap that has gone wrong so far.

On November 17, 2011- World’s Worst Blogger where I discussed my not so completed student loan refinancing.

Ok, now that you’re caught up.  I’m going to remind you that today is February 21, 2012.

I check my student loan account like I am so used to doing at this point biweekly and notice I have a new payment amount.  The last person I talked to told me to call back and add ANOTHER forbearance if  Superman’s payment wasn’t adjusted to work with mine.  I called today and was informed that these ASSHOLES think I make $53,124 annually (not including Superman’s military pay).


For the record, if I made $53,124 annually, I’d be effin’ stoked.  I’d be so stoked as a matter of fact that I wouldn’t have asked for IBR.  But alas, it’s jut a farce.  I make less than $20k/year.  FANTASTIC.  No wonder why I can’t get my payments settled correctly.  And for the record, I am NOT paying $235/month on IBR when overpaying my loan does not help me.

Insert another forbearance until next month.  I am so over talking to college kids or pre-college kids… or more likely no-college kids who don’t care about their jobs enough to try and fix the situation that I’ve been having repeatedly.  I want them to get it right.  Every time I get off the phone with them they promise to get it fixed within 7-10 business days (actually 19 business days currently) and they make you feel like they’re doing something.  Not this time, I no longer trust them to fix a problem anymore.  I trust them about as much as I can find them.

I just want everything to settle out.  This is so ridiculous anymore.

Oh and thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday! 🙂


One thought on “The Direct Loans Saga… part 2 or 3 or 4 or whatever.

  1. Happy belated Birthday – sorry I missed it yesterday!I hope you get things sorted out soon…I know how much a pain in the side student loans can be – I've had to watch my sister deal with them over the past 5 years. It's kind of funny how you go to college so that you can get a job in which you are (typically) put in a position to make better money, but in order to get there you have to go into debt up to your eyeballs and eventually pawn your spleen for extra cash just to get out. This life is sure a crazy one.Just keep swimming! 🙂

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