Anniversary Post

Ok, so as of today at like right now (give or take 30 minutes), we have been married for 2 years.  More importantly, we have been together for almost 8 (holy crap!).

Last year I did a top 10 from the last year of marriage… found here

Well, I’m gonna do it again!

My Top 10 from Marriage Year #2
in no particular order
Hung out with my niece for a day and got to see her personality.  She’s amazing.
Superman hasn’t met her yet, but I’m in love with this little girl.

 Met the Presidents & traveled somewhere we’ve never been before
We love historic things.  He likes history, I like landmarks.
Saw a real bear
If you ever go to Mt. Rushmore, you HAVE to go to Bear Country USA.  It is the COOLEST place ever if you like animals.
Survived a natural disaster (and got a police escort)
I was part of a convoy of crazy mil-wives who were making food and taking it downtown to the guardsman that were brought in to help with the flooding.  We made/donated a lot of food that week to guardsman, city officials, sandbaggers, etc.  Minot flooded to a historic level and some of the houses will never be recovered.  On the plus side, our BAH went up 40% due to lack of housing, on the downside… we live on base.
Bought a new truck
I’m pretty sure I like his truck more than he does.  We bid farewell to Lucy the Lancer this year and sold her happy non-snow-driving ass.  Too bad it’s only snowed a few times.
Learned how to shoot a gun
I also learned what kickback was.  God, that hurt.
Had family photos taken for the first time
Our photographer is amazing.
Went to the AF Squadron Christmas Party, won $40!
No, I’m not pregnant.  Superman has terrible hand placement.
Superman got a new nephew (we haven’t met him yet).
He’s the only boy in a family of 3 girls.      
 Went to our first hockey game.
and… we lost to the Candian team.
This year I learned sometimes people change, but they do so slowly that you don’t always see it.  I also learned that drinking the proverbial kool-aid can be just as damaging as it tastes good.  You don’t need 100 friends, you need a few good ones.  I also learned that I have a passion for kids and anti-bullying.  At one point during the summer, I was coaching 101 soccer players under the age of 7.  Talk about trying to remember names.  I had so much fun and I would do it again, on different terms.  Those kids were amazing, the parents were amazing, and I seriously had the best time of my life.  Hopefully, one day in the future, I’ll be able to do it all again… maybe with my own kids, hopefully with others.  I also learned that sometimes people move away and sometimes you stay friends and other times you do not.  It’s life and it’s how it goes.  You don’t have to keep the same friends forever, especially when you start disagreeing with their choices.  Sometimes morals just don’t mix.

3 thoughts on “Anniversary Post

  1. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful way to reflect on your past years spent together.We just moved from Rapid City, SD down here to FL…Bear Country is definitely a must see!

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