Guest Blogger – Lauren

Today I present you with Lauren.  She’s a newlywed who has a pretty great anniversary story.  
 Just for the record, I have been poured on more times than I’d like to count, including a Cubs game that wasn’t just a downpour it was a frickin’ cancellation.  It was the coldest, longest train ride I have ever been on in my life.

I wish all my rainy days ended in sweet ponchos.
Why Hello There!
I know what you’re all thinking, “WTF, this isn’t Molly.” You’re 100% correct! I’m Lauren from Going the distance: An Air Force Couple.
Molly posted a blog a few weeks ago seeking guest bloggers while she and Mr. Superman are away celebrating  their anniversary(Congratulations you love birds!), and I volunteered. I haven’t really guest blogged for anyone before, so I thought I would try my hand at it.
So if you have nothing better to do, stick with me today and I promise Molly will be back soon! I fully realize I have some big shoes to fill as Mrs. Danger is one of my favorite bloggers. She literally has me laughing out loud when I read her posts. So to keep with the comedic relief, I thought I would share an amusing anniversary story from my husband and I.
Boy do we have some doozies too!
We’re still honeymooning newlyweds as we won’t celebrate our first wedding anniversary until May, but we used to celebrate our dating anniversaries every year. My (now) husband always out did himself. He would usually plan a little get away for the two of us without me knowing. (Ok, ok I admit, I always found out, but I always pretended to be surprised. That counts, right?)
But we are two of the un-luckiest people you will ever meet so our little excursions never came without a few bumps. Like the gorgeous cabin in the mountains with the fireplace but no wood to burn. Word of advice, phone books do not make good fireplace fodder! But I digress…
Today my story is about our very first dating anniversary.
Hubs and I started dating November 29, 2007. Well the very next year the big Florida State University/ University of Florida football game fell on our one year anniversary. (Coincidence, I think not!) We’re both die HARD FSU fans. Like the paint-our-face-bleed-garnet-and-gold type crazies. Neither of us had ever been to that big game and were dying to go since it was at home in our stadium that year.
At the time I was working at a sports bar while going to school(well, I actually still work there post grad, but that’s a story for another day!). No one was allowed to ask off because, duh!, that’s our biggest day of the year. Stephen bugged me and bugged me to take off so we could “watch the game together at home”, and I was growing increasingly frustrated with him for not understanding my predicament with work. To my surprise, when the schedule came out for the big weekend, I wasn’t on for that day or the day after.. Odd.
I decided it was no big deal and I would try to pick up a shift because all starving college kids need money! Much to my manager’s horror I was in the process of switching shifts with one of the girls to work the big game, and she finally had to break it to me. Sweet, sweet hubs had called her to make sure I could get off work because he was surprising me with tickets to the game. (Whoooopsies!) She made me promise not to tell him she had spilled the beans and told me to quit  being a biznatch to him and go to the game!
I obliged without anymore protest and kept my mouth shut. He surprised me with the tickets the night before the game and we left early that morning. (I think I confessed to having known about the tickets later, but I let him bask in his surprise glory for a while.)
As if my protesting wasn’t enough to hamper a great anniversary, it rained. Not just drizzled, I’m talking torrential down pour here! Our stadium, like most college stadiums, is outdoors. We were soaked to the bone before the 1st quarter ended and our Noles got annihiliated.(They still had Tim Tebow, curse him.) But we had an absolute blast, soaking wet loss and all! We even got pretty sweet Seminole ponchos as a necessity souvenirs! See:
Alls well that ends well!
Molly, I hope you and your Superman have a wonderful anniversary/vacation, and that you have much better travel luck than we always seem to! Thanks for letting me fill in today, I had a blast!
Have a wonderful day y’all!



One thought on “Guest Blogger – Lauren

  1. I have the same college football/rain curse. Every time I go to the Ft. Riley Day game at K-State it rains. Last time there was a possible tornado.

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