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Ms. Allie is a newer blogger, her boyfriend is leaving for the big D soon and she’s been working on de-stressing techniques.  She is a natural blogger (at least I think so). She can be emailed here and her blog is located at Musings of a Curious Mind.  I enjoy reading her stuff because I also am curious about a lot of things, she does her research and then presents it.

We all face stress in our lives.  I know that I am a huge stressball every time we travel.  Superman likes to call it travel anxiety… I am a nut.  But she has some great tips and I realized that looking around my house, I use a lot of these methods, just in different ways.  I totally have a bamboo plant (they are super hard to kill!) that I water when I remember, it’s right by the sink to make it easier.  I love spearmint tea, it makes me calm and less angry and I would kill for a beach right now and sinking my toes into snow just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Let Stress Out and Nature In:
How the little things can make the biggest change
Saying goodbye to a loved one is hard and stressful, especially in light of saying this to one that is going away because they are in the military. Everything is unknown– the time of meeting again and how will one manage when suddenly down one parent. The whole experience can be unnerving and sometimes the long distancephone calls, love letters, and Skyping session s just aren’t enough to settle your fears and stresses. There are natural ways to decrease the amount of stress that is experienced in such a situation.


Gardeningis not simply about planting flowers and other plants, but rather it’s an inner reflection of one’s beauty or personality that is conveyed through gardening. It is tending to plants, pruning them, nurturing them and watering them that in turn causes people to tend to their inner selves. People then become more relaxed with not only a sense of accomplishment, but because they have straightened out that which was once muddled. It’s as if people are tending to their own problems and sort them out while gardening.


Going to the beach is a phenomenal way to reduce stress. Peering out at the ocean is a humbling experience. The ocean reminds people how calm and serene the largest of waters can be. Peering out at the beach and the ocean against any type of sky allows life to become simplified. The beach has very little going on and allows for a lot of head-clearing, which allows for relaxation. If the beach is not a possibility, just go to the park for a walk or short run. Not only will the scenery cheer you up, the sunshine will help boost levels of vitamin D, which increases mood.

Natural Herbs

Simply drinking chamomile tea soothes the soul. Chamomile tea is not only warm, gentle and pleasant-tasting, but the properties of chamomile naturally reduce stress. Chamomile tea soothes both mind and body. Not only does chamomile reduce stress, but it naturally calms tense muscles. Green tea is another wonder for the mind. It is in the preparation of making tea and the simple act of sitting down to drink it that reduces stress. However, green tea’s properties also reduce stress.

Whatever natural ways one seeks to relieve stress, it’s most important just taking that step to do it. Once the mind comprehends that there is tending to the soul, it relieves and abundant amount of stress. Everyone knows how good chicken noodle soup is when one is sick, but another aspect of it is the conscious decision to do something good for the body, which in turn promotes health. The same is true for stress. Anyone who reads this has already made that step. Take more and take back life. Relieving stress is possible and probable once the decision is made.

– Allie

One thought on “Guest Blogger – Allie

  1. I can see gardening as a stress relief…the beach though can run either way for me…sometimes it ends up being to melancholy.. Now, taking a horse to the beach for a ride, that does allow me to unwind.:)Tara

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