I’m Alive!!!

So, I’m back from vacation, back to work, back to staring at my house that needs to be cleaned, you know… same ‘ole, same ‘ole.

My laundry piles aren’t huge, but they’re definitely growing. My grocery list is just getting longer and longer… oh, and my day off is Monday. Now, that is inconvenient.

We definitely have some food, but no chicken. And I can’t go get any today because the vultures around here steal the family pack chicken super quick.

I figure in the next few weeks, I’ll do my version of taking D.C. That’s where we went on leave. I do recommend not telling the whole family where you are going. It would have been far less stressful had we not had everyone and their uncle trying to come out with us. I need a quiet vacation. After that, we stayed in Bismarck, ND for 2 nights and realized they really don’t have that much going on over there. But, it was still nice to get away.

So give me a few days to get my bearings back and I’ll be back in full force for you.

Also, if anyone would like a dog that cries constantly… I’m about to give mine away. She’s upset with me because I bought one of those dog bowls that has a water reservoir on it and it circulates fresh water. She thinks it’s scary because it makes some noise. This is the same dog who will drink out of a puddle in the middle of the driveway with garbage in it. She refuses to use it. She wont even step real close to it. She knows there is water in it. So in turn, I have lined all her favorite treats on it. They’ve been sitting there for 2 days. Since she already has available treats, I won’t give her any more until she eats her current treats so she’s super pissed at me. Instead of snacking on her treats, she just gave up and ate her bowl of food. Eventually, she’ll figure out she’s thirsty… I hope.


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