It’s been a Month?!

Wow, I’m a terrible blogger this month.  I’ve been flying low and redirecting some things in my life.  Today I applied for a new job, not because I hate my current job or even dislike it really, but because I want more out of life.  Maybe it’s selfish, I’m sure my current department might freak out, I just don’t want to deal with the crap anymore and there’s about to be a whole lot more of it.

We’ve calculated some things in the world and it looks like we will be done with our credit card debt by November.  I am incredibly excited.  Oh, and my laptop died.  The hard drive ate itself and I’m in the long, tedious process of recovering and replacing things.  I have someone who’s willing to do the recovery part for me since I just don’t have the patience or time right now, which is awesome.  I’ll end up with a laptop that has MORE memory than my original!  Now, if I can get my documents back that would be stellar.. but alas, we’ll see.

Other than that, I’m around, I promise.  I’ve just been a little preoccupied currently with changing some things in my life.  I’ve got a list of like a thousand things I need to do and it’s just not getting any shorter.

Hope everyone had a good April and now heading into May, let’s make it great!


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