Student Loan Consolidation – The Final (yeah, right) Chapter!

I am officially making student loan payments!! YAY!

Yeah, I know, who the hell cheers about that?  Let me just tell you that I do! 

I have never been so thrilled to do this in my entire life.  After a year of ‘working’ with Direct Loans and Sallie Mae, a processor/server change, and hell on wheels… I am making student loan payment!  More importantly, I’m making the RIGHT student loan payments.  Extra bonus, so is Superman!

I’m not sure if I mentioned, but originally, they had my income pegged at $53K/year (or some crazy ass number) by myself (I’d really like to know where that money came from… or IS??!!).  That didn’t include Superman’s pay.  I had a “come-to-jesus” meeting with customer service and stopped talking to them for the most part entirely.  Eventually, I just started talking to a supervisor… I also made sure I wrote down their names.  I should add, they weren’t real fond of me taking names but you know what?  After a year of being screwed around, it’s done.  I even went so far to ask one of them if they would like to pay for my cell phone bill this month since I’ve been on the phone with them for over 13 hours in the past 8 months… and I had the log to prove it.  Things moved much faster at the end, payments were recalculated after 48 hours, stuff was taken care of super fast, and life goes on.  I did have to put a forbearance on my account while they recalculated Superman’s payment though.  Mine came out right, but his hadn’t been changed yet.

I imagine if you’re doing this as a single person, it’s amazingly easy.  The entire process was easy on Superman’s side, wham, bam and done.  Mine was a nightmare and they even agreed that it was a nightmare.  I’m glad I printed off everything for them, repeatedly.  I highlighted the information I knew to be true and made sure they knew I knew what was going on.  Their CSR training is a little sub-par but that’s to be expected of any company that does a bulk of their business online.  I couldn’t believe that the people who do the applications and the people who deal with the aftermath are like night and day.  The people who run the applications know their stuff in and out (from my experience).

Not only am I actually glad to finally be making student loan payments… I’m glad I consolidated with Direct Loans.  I am no longer under the bullcrap of Sallie Mae (except for this pesky private loan) and dealing with Direct is much easier (now).  I do wish that they had more of an online presence though.  If you’re following me on twitter, you’ll know that I talk mad crap about the Dept. of Education.  Do you know that not once did they ever reply to my tweets?  Sallie Mae did.  That’s about the only thing they had going for them because I will never see the $4k they added to my principal ever again… They conveniently stopped following up on that one and I gave up and just left.  I’m sick of having the same conversation for no reason at all.  I may have let them win that one, but they missed out on a TON of money from me because of how they dealt with the situation.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens to the payments now that we’ve filed taxes, I hope they can get them fixed and not screw them up again.

P.S. My computer is still broken… and then the washing machine broke too.  The microwave is next, I just know it.


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