No, the title is not a lie.  We have them!  We are slotted to arrive in the tropical country of Japan next spring for PCS #2 to Kadena!  WE ARE STOKED.  Did I mention STOKED?!!??!

Kadena IS on our dream sheet.  I assume that we’ll be there for 3 years since we’ll have about that much time left on his contract.  (No, we don’t have our paper orders yet.. it’s wayy to soon).


I’m also silently and not so silently praying that they do not cancel our orders.  If you hope, pray, or whatever… please join me.

I think I figured out the trick in the Air Force to getting orders.  We really thought we’d be here longer since Superman hasn’t deployed yet.  But alas, here’s my logic:

1.  Sign for 6 years.
2.  Put in for overseas bases, long and extended-long only.
3.  Don’t get in trouble… ever.
4.  Don’t get broken… ever.
5.  Update your dream sheet every single time a new equals list comes out.
6.  Sign for 6 freakin’ years.

I’m living by that 6 year statement.  We got orders in LESS than 2 years of being here (he’s been in for 2 years and 1.5 months).  By the time we leave he’ll be a SrA and almost at 3 years.

This could potentially be the COOLEST experience in my life.

Oh, and I figured out where to start… the dog (in case you were conversing with me on twitter @molly_danger).  She has a vet appointment next week for a new microchip, updated shots (i’m behind), and the beginning of this process to get her titer test so that she can FLLLLYYYY.

Anything AWESOME happen to you lately?


3 thoughts on “O-R-D-E-R-S!

  1. I hate to say it, but I think your logic for getting orders is wrong. Nick was there from Aug 08 to July 11, he only enlisted for 4 years, he's never deployed (knock on wood) and he definitely got into trouble, minor trouble, but still, it goes against your theory. 😉 Regardless, CONGRATS again and I will be hoping my ass off that your orders get official when the time comes. 😀

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