A little secret…

 So, I know that you guys have noticed my strange disappearance, some of you have been kind enough to email me or get ahold of me and make sure I’m still alive and such. 

I am alive and well.  Probably a little too well for my own good, lol. 

It should also be known that I am quite possibly the world’s WORST secret keeper, right next to my husband who, no joke, is able to keep a secret as well as a toddler. 

So here goes nothing…

I like to call it the unicorn baby, it looks like it has horns. (It’s really the hands)
So, like I said, since I was the worst secret keeper ever, I had to lay low.  The official due date is 12/30/12 which we happen to share with a very close friend who announced her pregnancy a few weeks before we did.  Superman texted his mom the day the clinic called to tell me that my blood test was positive after promising me that he wouldn’t tell anyone.  So I had this ingenious plan of sending them all mother’s day presents announcing the pregnancy while asking a friend to do a favor for me.  
They all received boxes of hand-decorated sugar cookies from a super talented friend of mine who literally hand carved these suckers… 
She also made little babies with fire hats, a fire hydrant, and an announcement with our name on them and the month and year of expecting.
Last week, it became facebook official thanks to the help of a super talented photographer that somehow manages to capture a genuine smile on our faces EVERY single time.  She is so much fun to work with and I can tell you that she speeds through it in like 30-45 minutes, which is perfect since Superman has the attention span of a fly for things like this.

 So there you have it.  Baby Danger is due to make an appearance in December… just a few months shy of our PCS date.  Apparently, if you want orders, get pregnant and buy an appliance that you can’t take overseas.  🙂


4 thoughts on “A little secret…

  1. omg, that explains so much!!! LOL! I was like, where did my fellow AF wifey go? there aren't that many of us bloggers out there, LOL. But now I know! so excited!! We had our little one two months before our pcs, i was litterally at the doctor getting my go ahead and iud and saying goodbye as my husband was making sure our stuff was loaded in the car! bahahah! such is the military life

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