Stupid Things Molly Did This Week

Ok, first off let me just say that I promise that all of my updates won’t be pregnancy related, we have orders for Kadena too, remember! 

But considering I am getting a good laugh out of the stupid crap I’ve managed to do recently, I’m gonna try and share it with you because god only knows that it’s so stupid it’s funny.

1)  I put the remote in the fridge and proceeded to get really angry about not being able to find it.  Best part, I put them on the top shelf on top of the yogurt.  Because apparently, it was edible and belonged in my dairy section.  (YES, my refrigerator has places for things and ‘homes’ for items)

2)  I put my keys (including my remote starter) in the dishwasher — not just in the dishwasher, but I was bright enough to actually put them in the silverware holder so they wouldn’t fly around.  I proceeded to stare at them for like a minute before I could place WHY IN THE WORLD they looked like they DIDN’T belong there.  Luckily, I took them out before I started washing them.

3)  I am having issues counting by 2’s.  Apparently 3’s are much easier right now.

With that being said, I legitimately put things in weird places and wander away from them having no recollection of where I put them in the first place.  I’m pretty sure my adult-onset ADHD (yes, that’s what I’m calling it) is aggravated by pregnancy hormones.  I lose things while driving in my car.  Have you ever done that?  It’s annoying and super frustrating because you KNOW that it has to be within arms reach.  I sometimes forget where I’m driving, only to pass said location and have to turn around.  Luckily for me Minot is pretty much a straight line so I do this far less often than I did in Indiana.  These aren’t new symptoms for me, they’re existing.  But, I never put the keys in the dishwasher before this week, I did managed to find a cell phone in my trunk after 3 months of it missing once.

Oh and one of my pregnant friends posted this blog about crap to expect when you’re pregnant after you push a cantaloupe through your va-jay-jay.  I’m officially horrified.  If you want to be horrified, feel free to read it.  Pregnant Chicken.

I warn you though, the comments are so damn hilarious you’ll be crying (either good or bad)… and if you’re not, you’re either a man or have no sense of humor whatsoever.  I think the worst one I saw was the description of the “purple-twinkie syndrome” in the comment sections.  Plus, this lady is HILARIOUS.  Just like The Bloggess, she’s totally not PG rated.

and the danger-corn


3 thoughts on “Stupid Things Molly Did This Week

  1. Welcome to pregnancy brain! I feel your pain, I've done things like that too. I tend to forget into more though. I'll ask DH a question and 10 minutes later I'll look at him ans say "I know I already asked you this but I forgot what you said." and then ask him the question again. I've done with the same question 3 or 4 times. My DH has the patience of a saint. He finds it funny so it works for us.

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