And we’re back! (and a rant)

Well, leave is over.  I can’t say that I’m upset about this.  There is something fabulous about sleeping in your own bed, in your own house, with your own sheets.  Our first night back, I actually slept all the way through the night.  During leave I was averaging 3 hour increments before I had to pee or my hips hurt from sleeping on a concrete bed that makes obnoxious noises every single time you move.  In usual fashion, we came home with a TON of food.  My family likes to pack it in when we leave.  We get all the leftovers, it’s pretty awesome.  As a matter of fact, I actually might eat roast and mashed potatoes for breakfast.  Thanks Grandma.  She spoils me.

Plus, did you read about this heat wave thing?  I can tell you that we are MILDLY experiencing it in NoDak.  It was 96 yesterday!  We stayed in the house and took a nap, lol.  But whilst in Indiana and Chicago, it was upwards of 110.  There is nothing comfortable about being surrounded by 110 degrees while pregnant… nothing.

Anyway, we’re back into the swing of things, still trying to unpack things and get re-situated.  The dog is napping pretty much 24/7 right now after her long journey and the rest of us are back into the swing of things work.. blah.

Oh and let me just tell you that I have the FUNNIEST niece on the planet.  You’d all be jealous if you could meet her in person.  I got to spend multiple days with her and watch Superman interact with a 1 year old for the very first time.  I am no longer terrified of him becoming a parent.  I AM terrified of us corrupting our children young though, lol.  She REALLY likes chocolate cake.

EDITED because someone on facebook is pissing me off…  ok, listen, I know that some people who find my blog are complete newbies to the AF or the duty station or the job or whatever.  That’s cool, that’s why I write this thing.  I also belong to SEVERAL base Facebook pages that allow newbies to ask questions.  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PEOPLE, PLEASE SCROLL DOWN BEFORE YOU POST SOMETHING.  I am *really* sick of seeing the EXACT same question about types of clothing you need in WHY NOT, ND.  Or better yet, what kind of car you should sell yours for because it doesn’t have 4WD.  In case you are coming to Minot AFB and are freaking out in the winter, let me share something with you… you can drive ALMOST anything (I saw almost because mustangs don’t fare to well in the winter with inexperienced drivers and we legitimately sold a lancer because we didn’t want to buy snow tires for it and it sat there for a while).  You don’t need 4WD to drive in NoDak.  As a matter of fact, people with 4WD are more likely to drive like assholes and plow their car into a ditch every winter.  They sell all kinds of cars here… we even had a friend drive a sunfire (not my first choice) and she did just fine.  As for the clothing…. it’s winter.  Wear. warm. clothes.  Don’t be surprised if you see someone cruising around in a pair of shorts in February because it’s 15 degrees, that could be a heat wave.  I wouldn’t ask people what I need to buy for clothes going to Kadena… why?  Because, I dress in layers.  Do I plan on taking my snowboarding jacket… probably not.  Do I see my uggs getting a lot of use?  No.  Will I probably invest in extra flip flops, you bet.  But we get the SAME questions (generally the car question) every single week.  I know that moving to a place that people only gossip about is scary, especially in the winter, but seriously… people have been driving in inclement weather for decades. The state of NoDak does NOT shut down (completely) in the winter.  That would be a pseudo-equivalent of closing everything up during downpours in Texas. 
And for the record, the next 18/19 year old begging for friends on a public forum might just get throat punched… gain some life skills.  (I seriously wish I was kidding, I counted 3 posts today about please be friends with me, I have no friends.)  You can’t make friends if you don’t LEAVE YOUR HOUSE.  //end edited rant


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