I lost my ring.


I totally wish I was kidding, but I’m not.  If you’ve seen it, let me know.  It’s shiny and pretty, and pretty effin’ expensive too. 

At this point most people would be FLIPPING OUT.  I’m not.  First off, it’s insured.  Secondly, it’s gotta be around here somewhere… right?!  Third, I can always get another one.  Fourth, I don’t wear it every day anymore because it only fits for a few hours. I think this time I might just get the wedding band though, that might be too much bling for one hand. 

Anyone use USAA VPI and want to tell me about it while I tear my entire house apart?!


One thought on “I lost my ring.

  1. Oh no! I hope you find it in your house somewhere or that someone on base finds it and turns it in…somewhere, do they do lost and found?? Good luck girl, I hope you find it soon!

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