So I bought a present for an 11 year old….

A friend of mine’s daughter had a birthday recently and I decided to buy her nail polish — with mom’s permission of course.  What 11 year old doesn’t love nail polish??!!

I made sure that i bought her the nail polish wipes since we legitimately live in base housing and she’s going to spill a bottle of nail polish remover.  She was so excited, apparently I picked out the right colors (and a crackle polish).  After having a long conversation about the downside to glitter nail polish and it’s inability to be removed, we painted our nails.

As I was buying the colors, I was looking at all these nail polish colors at the store and was literally just staring at them in awe.  I don’t remember that many colors when I was a kid, especially in the quality of polish they had.  Sure we had the neons (I WAS born in the 80’s ya know) and stuff, but they were the crappy polishes that were like $1.99 each and they literally pealed off whether they were supposed to or not.  I thought the neons were awesome colors.

These days, I’m more into black and those matte colors.  My nails are legitimately about this color right now — not the same brand but the color is pretty dead on.

I think my next color is going to be this coral/mango color I have that I really want to try out.  Unless I can figure out how to pull this off…

Now that’s a sweet set of nails, but I have NO idea how to do that… and all my nails chip or get smudged before I ever make it out of the house, lol.  Throw me some nail polish ideas, I need them.


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