Window Shopping

First off, the ring is back.  Apparently all it took to make it reappear out of thin air after weeks of invisibility was for me to call USAA and start asking claims questions and then fess up publicly (both IRL and on the internet) that I lost a VERY expensive ring.  During the process I found out that the price of palladium has increased since my purchase and so has the diamond market.  I am seriously considering having this thing appraised and up the VPI insurance instead of just using the sales slip.  According to the internet, it is possible that it’s worth approximately $2000 more than it’s purchase price (which legitimately makes it an INCREDIBLY expensive ring now).

Secondly, someone has recently insinuated that I am a bad person because I haven’t started hoarding (buying) baby crap.  A) I have looked at baby crap on the internet and I’m still not really feeling this whole purchasing endeavor.  B) I have no idea what I’m supposed to be buying anyway.  There are so many choices I feel like I’m buying a TV and I’m going to make the wrong decision and buy something super awful and wrong and completely eff the whole thing up.  And considering we’re moving to Japan potentially 8 weeks after said unicorn baby is born, returning things isn’t really an option, eh?  Oh and did I mention, there’s no babies ‘r us here either?  Yeah…. this could be super fun, lol.  My own dad couldn’t believe that I didn’t have the baby room set up already.  I should reiterate that I’m 18 weeks pregnant.  EIGHTEEN WEEKS.  Yes, I realize bad things can happen and in 8 weeks if I for some unbeknownst reason go into labor in an otherwise healthy pregnancy, I can guarantee that the little person will not be accompanying me home right away.  And furthermore, why the hell would I set up a baby room already when I’m going to most likely have to tear the whole thing down again?!?!?  I’m totally fine with a bassinet, or this really cool thing called a Rock ‘N Play.

I’m a utilitarian kind of person, I don’t like having useless things and I’m really one of those AWESOME people to shop for.  I don’t need random crap with decorative thingee-ma-bobbers, I’m more than happy to take a mixer (if you want to send me a kitchen aid stand mixer, I’ll be more than happy to send you my address for delivery).  I just don’t see a point in lots of frivolous things that don’t serve a purpose.  I do believe in stuffed toys, but that’s really just a personal, childhood thing.

It should be noted that I have acquired a crib, crib mattress, pump, a shopping cart thing that was pawned off on me, and a few other items that are USEFUL.  You hear that?  Useful.

But I doubt I’ll be shopping for baby clothing until I at least have a general idea of it’s gender.  There’s no point in buying a football jersey for it if it’s more likely to wear a tutu, ya know?  And that won’t happen for another 2 weeks.

If you have one of those GREAT registry essentials website resources, I’m more than willing to read it so please share.  I really like Lucie’s list so far but I’m an open-minded kind of person.  But I’m not going on a shopping spree yet… there’s no point in doing it yet…


2 thoughts on “Window Shopping

  1. I would do the same as you if I were in your position. Honestly, the only things newborns need are a place to sleep, and some clothes. The rest is for the parents' benefit. I am 22 weeks with my second, and the only reason the crib is set up is I wanted it out of my daughter's closet so I could store all of her crap in it. Otherwise my nursery would still be empty.

  2. 1. If you can get hand me downs on clothes then take them! We do not have to buy clothes until after he is too big for 12 months. We have a closet full (literally a WHOLE closet) and dresser full of clothes right now and all that I've washed so far is newborn-3 months. 2. Every baby is different, as is every parent. What one baby/parent finds to be totally amazing, for another parent/baby it's totally useless. It may be trial and error. If you get something, you can always sell it. For a side note, I'm sure you'll be able to sell these items in Japan. 3. All you REALLY need for a newborn is the essentials.4. You don't need a babys r us, buy buy baby, target, nothing. You don't need to have those stores easily accessible to you to have a baby/register for a baby. Ryan and I registered on amazon and for us it worked perfectly. They have a registry start up thing at most places. You can register online (babys r us, target, buy buy baby, amazon) and they have a checklist at most of these places. 5. I think you're over thinking things. Just enjoy being pregnant. Ryan and I are still not even finished with the nursery and I'm due in 4.5 weeks. Do it in your own time and just enjoy this time. It'll be over it before you know it! :)6. Relax! Relax! Relax!

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