Pink or Blue day!

Yesterday we had THE ultrasound.  Superman was STOKED.  I was pretty excited, but more to see it moving around and alive and healthy and stuff.  I think it’s just fun to see it rolling around in there doing weird things.

I love this chalkboard…

After we found out, we notified the necessary parties and then I took a very nice nap.  After that, we met up with my photographer who is helping me chronicle this whole thing!  She takes some of the best raw pictures I’ve seen.

I had an idea as to what it was, Superman didn’t share his intuition but claimed to be correct after the fact, sure…. 

Before I announce the pink or blue (unless you’ve seen the picture in your reader already)… I’m going to do my very first survey.

How far along? 20 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I gain/lose approximately 5-6 lbs a day so it’s a little hard to tell.  But, for the most part, I haven’t really gained more than the 5lbs I gained when I bloated up at 7 weeks.

Maternity clothes? I own them, in various shapes and sizes.  I occasionally wear real clothes… but they’re slowly not fitting anymore.  Regular pants are a legitimate no-go and haven’t been worn since week 7 when I bloated out and gained my 5 lbs.

Stretch marks? They’re getting darker.. but they have been there ever since I started swimming.  But, it appears I may have a new few on my sides.  Whatever.

Sleep: Eh.  I want to sleep, I really want to.  My new body pillow is helping.

Best moment this week: Pink or Blue!

Movement: Oh, it’s there.  It likes to lay sideways and rest on my hips, bouncing from one to another.  It likes laying on my bladder occasionally and I can sometimes feel the kicks and such.  They are not completely overwhelming so that’s good.

Food cravings: Hah.  Cheeseburgers, steak, mint oreos, frozen grapes, more cheeseburgers, bacon, milk, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese cubes, more cheese and burgers.  Basically if it’s red meat or dairy, I’m down.

Gender: Well, we have been calling it D’Artagnan but you’ll just have to wait to see if we were right or wrong.

Labor Signs: I’d be terrified.

Belly Button in or out? Innie but it’s getting shallower.

Wedding rings on or off? Off.. I only wear them for a few hours at a time, then I have to take them off.

What I miss: Not being sore.

What I am looking forward to: Baby Showers.

Weekly Wisdom: You can’t fix stupid. (my patience is wearing thin at this point).

Milestones: Gender reveal (and 20 weeks!)

Well, here goes nothing… 

We were right!! Baby Danger is a boy!
(and a very obvious boy from his ultrasound picture)

And no, we don’t have a name, it’s a work in progress.  And even if we come up with a name, I seriously might not share it with anyone.  It’s my kid and I can name it whatever I want…. like Bazel.  If I want to name my child Bazel and run around sporting a fake British accent, I’m gonna do it.  By the way, it means from a kingly family… we legitimately contemplated it, lol but I think we’ve passed. 


2 thoughts on “Pink or Blue day!

  1. Congratulations! I agree with the name thing. My family doesn't like the name I chose for my daughter, and I regret telling them. I should have waited until she is born.

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