Did I ever tell you that my 26 year old brother is engaged?  Well, he is.  My niece is 18 months old right now and a few months ago he bought the ring and asked baby-mama to marry him (or at least I think he asked – I didn’t question it). 

She’s been married before, she got married really young and such and about 2.5 years ago was in a terrible car accident that killed her husband.  I swear this girl might have the worst possible luck ever.  Her Dad died when she was in her teens, her mom either took off or is dead, I don’t ask questions, and now she’s a widow.

Legitimately, this isn’t my brother’s first marriage either.  He thought it would be super fantastic to marry his girlfriend who was stateside while he was deployed/stationed in Iraq/Germany/A-stan.  I’m not really sure when this shindig went down and as a matter of fact, I’m not even sure he does.  They got married double by-proxy in the great state of Montana.  You see, Montana is the ONLY state that offers this service (that I can find).  There are a few states that will do a by proxy marriage (where at least one party is present).  If I remember correctly, Texas is one of them.  I actually knew someone who got married in tech school in Texas to her best friend because her fiance was unavailable — he was in tech school too, but I think he had just gotten his orders and left.  If you’ve never heard of this system, it’s where a person has a power of attorney for you and stands in for you at your own legal wedding.  They sign the marriage license and all that jazz and ta-da, you’re married.  Double by proxy means that NEITHER of you have to be present for this to occur… oh, and it’s super cheap at like $800-$1000/pop (insert sarcasm here).  Anyway, the little brother got married and then that fantastic, wonderful, stateside, high school friend turned bride, who was in it for the GI benefits cheated on him.  Needless to say, they got divorced.  My brother legitimately wanted to marry her and she crushed him.  She’s a pretty nice girl and I really don’t blame her for the downfall of their relationship, it was a terrible idea in the first place and incredibly poorly thought out.  And I ramble.

Regardless, I’m trying to convince my brother to get married in October but BM wants a big giant wedding.  I’m pretty sure they’ll be engaged forever.  I even went so far to send her bridesmaid dress ideas (no, I will not be a bridesmaid/MOH/anything, ever again).  I would walk their flower girl down the aisle, but that’s because she’s my niece and I think she’s pretty awesome.  Ok, maybe I would, just because of my niece.. no one else. 

But, since I’m pregnant, the options for dresses are slim and they’re probably not going to get married in October, but I like to pester her.  I found this one dessy bridesmaid dress but I think it might be too tight in the middle for me, lol.  It’s cute, I like it in blue.

I should probably stop sending her bridesmaid dress ideas, eh?  They’ll get married when they want to but if I’m going to have to wear a dress… I want something that looks good and makes me feel skinny!  With my luck, he’ll plan the wedding for next summer or some crap so that I have to come back from Japan 4 months after I get there with a damn infant.  I might kill him for that.  But, alas, the world revolves around the 2 of them… never fails.

Happy Monday!


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