Small Businesses…

I know there are a ton of people out there who have small businesses out there, I have a few friends who do too.  I remember taking entrepreneurship classes in school and just looking at it trying to figure out how to get one off the ground.  It’s not cheap to start a business.  I was talking to a friend out there and asked him how he did it, he told me that he used some of his wedding money as start-up capital.  I was sitting there thinking about all those silly credit card commercials about people who charge their business expenses and while I completely understand the necessity of it and sometimes the good points to it, I just couldn’t figure out why so many people were doing it.  I know that getting a business loan is tough and the interest rates aren’t exactly fantastic but there has got to be a better way to do this.  Something with a low interest rate that was paid back in a short amount of time or something, was there any way to do that?  I was googling around and found small business loans from kabbage.  Which is kinda what I was googling for anyway but it seems like a better idea than putting everything on a credit card or taking out some enormous loan from the bank.  I don’t have a business although we’ve always talked about it. 

During Superman’s last ramblings, he mentioned he wanted to own a business so he could be rich or something.  His problem is that he wants to own it, but he wants me to run it.  I don’t want to run another business right now, maybe later in life or something (which is when this would happen) bur we talked about the capital and equity required to run a franchise and it just seemed so overwhelming (like buying a house, lol).  But I just can’t really figure out what his little plan is, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have one because he bounces back and forth.  Granted, I don’t really have one right now either, I’m just going to live and do what i need to.  But he doesn’t have a specific skill yet, he doesn’t have an inherent drive that would make him a decent entrepreneur.  Actually, the thought of him running his own business scares the Hades out of me because he can’t even manage a checkbook.  His dreams involve me doing a lot of work.  I keep asking him what he wants to do, what he thinks he’s good at, what he would like do in the end… the only thing that remains constant is that he wants to be rich.  I personally think he should teach on a collegiate level, mainly because he’s sorta in charge but not completely and that’s probably the best for him.  I think one day he’ll grow up and decide what he wants, but until then he’s going to make me crazy.  He seriously has changed his mind like 10 times at this point, it’s a little insane.


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