Vacation Drama

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned but Superman’s grandmother and brother are coming to visit us.  She’s like 80, he’s like 24.  No one ever asked us if they could come, they just assumed that it would be great.  So Superman gave them some dates that would work since they were demanding to come visit… very. specific. dates.  Superman can’t get spot leave and he is on Kelly week — (which is really code for the only 3 days he gets off at a time in a 2 week period).  We were planning on them being here for those days but alas, life gets ruined.  His little brother calls and says, “Hey!  We got tickets, hope the dates work out, we’ll be there from the 11th-18th!”  Guess what days they weren’t supposed to be here?!  I called him back from Superman’s phone and was literally, “WTFH?!”.  Superman works even days, he’d be at work the 12, 14, 16 & 18th.  I have the 13th off.  They are apparently staying at our house, on a military base.  Even better, since they waited until the last minute to make these decisions, my schedule was already out and I’m working PMs – 1:30pm – 10pm.  Oh yeah, this will be awesome.  We went from 5 days of them here to 7 days of them being here, on the wrong week, where they will be living in my house with no one home, raiding my fridge, unable to venture out of the house alone because they would need a sponsor and unable to buy anything on this base because they don’t have shopping privileges.  When asked about their travel date selection, he said he didn’t know what dates even though Grandma, Dad, Mom, SIL, Aunt and half the planet knew EXACTLY what dates to be here. 

I’ve legitimately had a panic attack already today.  I cried, I yelled, I screamed, I had an outburst.  This would be the 2nd one about this incident. 

Here’s the thing though:

A) no one asked me or him if they could come visit and stay with us. 

B) I don’t actually like his grandmother.  Yes, I know it’s harsh but she is notorious for making people feel badly about themselves, she’s most likely going to steal something from my house — probably cut a picture of him out of a picture of us and take it or something equally lame.  She’s going to whine about how she’s bored and there’s nothing to do and we aren’t doing anything for her.  She’s going to raid my pantry and freezer which means I’ll have to buy boxed meals because she doesn’t actually cook.  She’s 80 years old and can’t navigate stairs well (we have 2 levels).  She’s going to stay up until 2-3am and wake up around noon or so.  Oh and she’s going to try and touch my stomach and make snide little comments about me or being pregnant or her dying or her never seeing her great grand child or something.  That’s just how it is.  Most people end their vacations early when it comes to her because she makes some rude little comment about someone and they can’t handle the snide remarks anymore and she’s going to be here for a week.. a whole flippin’ week.

C) His brother likes to drink.  I’m not buying him beer, I’m not taking him to get beer, and I’m not letting him get wasted in my house.  And the moment that he decides (if he manages to finagle himself some beer) he steps out of line, I will knock him out, drop him in my car and leave him in some small town in nowhere, North Dakota.

Why would you EVER schedule a trip without checking with people first or god forbid ASK them if you can come and stay in their house?!  The voicemail Superman got a few months ago when his grandmother realized I was pregnant and we were going to Japan was something along the lines of, “Come visit me, drive out here, pick up a rocking chair, I miss my Superman, I’m going to die before you ever see me again, (insert at least 2 more minutes of I’m going to make you feel so bad about your life that I shame you into visiting me).”  I seriously thought I was going to vomit.  I realize she wants to see him and the baby, but here’s the thing, in order to see the baby she’s going to have to see me.  And she better stop acting like I’m a statue if she ever wants to see her grand kid because I’m not gonna sit here and be belittled by some 80 year old woman who demands that we send her specific Christmas presents every year.  Last year was Olive Garden because she hates Applebee’s (the year before she demanded Applebee’s).  Superman’s SIL is TRYING to get these tickets changed so that they can at least SEE him while they are out here so that I don’t have a full blown panic attack because that’s apparently not good for babies.  I just don’t understand why these people do these things.  All it would have taken was 1 phone call to realize that the dates were wrong or all it took was a phone call and someone else would have done it for him. 

Superman’s big giant plan is that if they don’t get the dates changed, we’ll just put them in a hotel downtown (and his dad will pay for it) so they can cruise around town when we aren’t around.  Which in my case will be every single day except his birthday.

I’m going to lose my frickin’ mind.


One thought on “Vacation Drama

  1. well I would totally be freaking out. My inlaws just came for a week, guilted us into letting them stay with us for a week (at least guilted me). So I wasted my husband's vacation time, and now he's working extra shifts to make up the pay because I refused to have them here without him off. Luckily it was only three days that he had to make up, but still. What is wrong with people? do they not know they are completely ridiculous. Thankfully the hubbs is finally starting to catch on and is doing a better job at shielding me from their shenanigans. but its' been 14 years and the damage is done. I hope it doesn't turn into more of disaster for you. You really really really don't need that.

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