Dr’s appts and more dr’s appts!

The 24 week check-up went just fine.  I’m measuring where I should but I’ll tell you what, I’m pretty sure this baby only likes me and the dog.  Anytime Superman tries to get in on the external kicking actions, D’Artagnan hides.  He completely stops kicking and acts like he hasn’t been doing crossfit for the last hour.  Well, he proved it all today too!  The baby doc has a resident student who was trying to find the heart beat… well, after a bit of direction of try lower, he likes to live down there.. he found it.  But he only had it for like 4.2 seconds!  (Insert top gear 0-60 stat here)  Not only did he get the heart beat for like 4.2 seconds but apparently the kid was not feeling the intrusion because he’s been quiet all morning long and he decided to kick the doppler twice and cruise off.  It was pretty funny.  I was dying laughing, the poor resident was like, uh…. and baby doc just told him it was fine, they got the reading.  Next stop, glucose test in 4 weeks.  Blech.

I realized that there are a few appt’s that I need to make like the dentist and eye doctor.  I’m more excited about they eye doctor (for obvious reasons).  But more so because I need to pick out new sunglasses and maybe a new pair of glasses.  I usually wear a pair of square-rimmed geek glasses, they fit my face and I like them.  But, I’ve had the same pair since I got my glasses like 5 years ago.  The last eye appt was good news, no change in prescription.  I bought another pair off the internet a few months ago because they were super cheap and similar to what I have but they aren’t adjusted yet.  I really want a new pair of sunglasses that FIT.  I have 2 pairs, 1 fit fine, the other does not at all and it makes me crazy.  I want a pair that is going to stay on my face and not fall off and I specifically need a back up pair because my fuzzy preggo brain forgets things pretty often.

So, where do you buy your sunglasses from?  Tricare doesn’t cover the lenses and frames so I need a not so super-expensive pair, but I will legitimately need a new pair for Japan.


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