Christmas Presents

I’m not sure if I ever mentioned this last year, but I make wreaths – specifically, ruffle wreaths.  I have an etsy shop that has a couple of them on there, but I usually sell locally.  I figured this year, I’d give everyone the chance to get in on the action because I’m pretty sure I didn’t last year, lol.  For the record, I don’t make tie wreaths, those things make me insane and angry.

Anyway, this is what I do (amongst other things)…

Last year, I shipped out plenty of these little bad boys, especially for the deployed guys so that they had handmade Christmas presents for their families, a few for front doors around here, and mainly gifts.  This year, I’m starting a little sooner than later because I was on a deadline last year and I’m pregnant this year.  If you’re interested in looking around or ordering or sharing or pinning or whatever, I’m cutting off orders the first week of December.  I did a few 18″ ones last year instead of the standard 12″ & 14″ and they turned out awesome.

You can find my store here:


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