What’s Next?

I’m 2 tests away from finishing my education program for my pharmacy technician certification.  Hypothetically, I could be done in a week.  But now, now I have to consider what to do next.  I’m not one of those people who stays in the same field for an uber long time.  Mainly it boils down to I want to learn how to do new things.  I’ve had a lot of jobs in the past, a few careers, and I always choose something new that interests me.

Now, I’m onto 2 different options.  Do I want to go to grad school or technical school?  Yeah, I know… those are way apart.  I have 2 interests right now, youth sports programming and automotive technician.  Yes, I realize that’s super weird, lol.  I really want to learn how to fix cars.. I’ve wanted to for a long time.  But, I also want to continue my education and progress, but I don’t want to spend a gazillion dollars to do it.  But, I might have better options getting an MBA.  I know someone who was in Japan and got their MBA completely online and it makes you completely employable in the GS system.  Plus, I started college as a business major and I’m actually pretty decent at it…

The other thing is that all of my options have to be completely online since we’ll be in Japan.

But since I enjoy learning things constantly, it’s really a sick obsession, but I was thinking about looking at gmat preparation tests or programs.  I realize it wouldn’t be the same as GRE, but at least then it would be prepare me for both?

I dunno, I’m just kinda throwing things out there because this is ridiculous.  I know that I don’t want to work for at least a year and I may as well be productive in the process.  I’ve been thinking about doing another program but obviously I don’t want to spend the money if it’s unnecessary for my future and let’s be serious, I don’t even know what I want my future to be… I don’t see myself staying in the same job for more than 5 years and I want to be there to raise my own children, not dropping them off at a sitter while I go to work.  Bah.

So I pose this to you… if you could go back to school for anything, what would it be and how could you justify paying for it?


4 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. I have a BS in biology, but I want to go back and do Medical Technology (or clinical sciences now I guess it is called.) It is still similar, but the job opportunities are bed as a med tech. I have to wait until my husband is done with training so we are in one city long enough to start and finish the program. I justify the cost as it will eventually bring in income and I can help pay off our debt. By the time I actually go back to work, my kids should be in school so I won't feel as bad leaving the home to go back to work.

  2. I'm in school right now to be a School Psychologist and I'm paying for it using Mr. Sergeant's Post 9-11 GI Bill and the Pell Grant. No loans for this girl. LOL! We live overseas and I do everything online. My son goes to a preschool for 4 hours in the morning and that's when I get most of my school work done. I also do a little bit while he's napping. šŸ™‚ It's tough, but once you find a rhythm that works for your family it gets a lot easier. I love that while my kids are at school I can focus on school that way when their home I can be fully present and focus on them. Great post!

  3. first of all, you are super crazy!! LOL!! But…I love it!!!!I have a friend that took some community college classes in car repair..that might satisfy that itch…I bet you the auto place on whatever base you go to might do something like that. hmmmm…whatever you do you will do awesome!good luck

  4. I have a similar problem, where I get bored at jobs very very quickly unless they are constantly challenging me and changing enough for me to not feel like it's the same boring thing day after day. Going back to school is to big of an investment for me right now since I feel as though I would end up wasting money on something I might not even want to do for a long time. But if I ever figure it out? You better believe I will go back, because yes, it's a ton of money but I LOVE learning and I MISS college (don't ask me if I love it when it's mid-semester and I made the mistake of taking both a math and science class at the same time), and if it's something I love, well dammit, it's enough. šŸ˜‰

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