Baby Danger – 30 Weeks

Well, I figured it was time to update you all on the pregnancy…

Holy House!

 Well, it’s official..  I’m a giant little person.  I can BARELY reach my feet, it seriously involves holding my breath.  I make weird noises when I have to reach the floor.  I hate shoes and more importantly, my meals have become the size of an apple.  I’ve still got a ways to go and I can only imagine how this is going to go.  I am not impressed by the third trimester… at all.

But, I have to admit that I’m getting mildly excited about meeting him although, I imagine him as a toddler… not so much as an infant.  It might help that I think we’ve settled on a name (no, I’m not telling anyone yet) and it’s starting to seem real.  My first baby shower was last weekend after a hellacious plane ride that involved me riding in the world’s SMALLEST plane seat ever.  If you ever decide to fly United and you’re pregnant, opt for the upgrade.  I wasn’t quite that lucky as I didn’t choose to fly with them originally but after a delayed flight and missed connection, I was rebooked on them.  It was awful and I won’t do it again.  But, I had a great time at the shower, I got to see a lot of family and we had a good time.  I probably don’t need anymore 3 months clothes and have a ton of gift cards to spend now.  I think I’m even more excited about the 2nd baby shower I’m having in like 2 weeks.


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