Military Spouse Education (part 2)

So my last post talked about MyCAA.. this one is going to talk about getting it done.

So you’ve signed up for a program.. what do you do now?

Well, if you have the experience of college classes, you’ve done this before.  You know the drill.  Syllabus, exams, homework, etc.  But how exactly do you figure out how to stay on top of things without falling behind? 

You have to plan ahead.

You have to schedule time to do these things.

You can’t just take a program and not do something with it.. I mean you can, but that isn’t what you’re supposed to be doing with those funds, lol.  The opportunity to have someone pay for part or all of your tuition is fantastic.  Getting transferable skills is even more awesome.  Being able to be employed in multiple states if you choose you want to work or you have to work is impressive.  In some cases, you can keep your job and work form home in a different state and some employers are totally okay with that.

But you have to actually COMPLETE THE PROGRAM!!

You used your funding, you got your materials, you ordered your textbooks cheap, and now you are stumped on the program and you need help studying.  Hey, guess what?!  They have tutors to help you finish.  I did some searching and found a website called TutorSpree.  Did you know they have 29 pages of beverly hills math tutors.  You can’t tell me that you can’t find someone to help you get through a program if I can find almost 300 tutors in less than 10 minutes.  Comeon now, get educated!


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