35 weeks and an update!

So we’re officially almost in the barn.  The barn is the last bit of whatever you have going on before you’re done.

At my last OB appt. I was informed that my blood pressure is a little high.. I think she was being nice.  It was high.  So high in fact that she waited and retook it so she didn’t have a chart the high one and only got a sorta high one.  I also found out that I’ve legitimately passed my blood glucose test.  I may be the only weird person in the world, but I actually liked that drink.  It tasted like an orange popsicle… I LOVE orange popsicles.  Furthermore, apparently I keep getting trace amounts of protein in my UA screens.  Oh and my legs are swelling up now.

Let’s all say it together… preeclampsia.

No, I don’t have it yet.  It appears I’m on a solid road of getting there.  We talked about blood pressure stuff and doc isn’t concerned yet, I’m sure he’ll get that way the NEXT appointment (in a week and a half) when I get my Strep B test… and probably still having a blood pressure numbers.  It’s been gradually rising since I’ve gotten pregnant.  This kid is attacking my cardiovascular system week by week.  First it was an irregular pulse and an EKG.  Then it was a fast, while still irregular, pulse.  Now, we are onto the blood pressure spikes.  I can’t feel it, I have no idea that it’s getting higher.  I am a little paranoid about headaches now and the swelling is both pissing me off and freaking me out a little bit.  I already know what the next step is.. He’s going to put me on labetolol if if concerns him… I’m really not feeling a beta-blocker and I’ve done the research at work (I’m a pharmacy tech) about it’s affects on pregnancies.  I can’t imagine that the potential deformities are going to happen since he is pretty much developed at this point and now we’re just waiting for him to make his appearance.

On the plus side, I think we are officially down to 2 names!  One has stayed on the list for a while now, a second was added… and it’s a lot like the first, lol.  We are a sad little group of soon-to-be parents.

Oh well, T-minus 5 weeks until we are destined to meet Baby Danger.  And no, I am TOTALLY not ready yet.  My diaper changing pad is out of stock at target.com!!! argh.

BTW, we got our med clearance!  We’ll be applying for orders next week!!

P.S. We are watching the Oregon v. OSU game and just watched half the stupid orange beavers fans leave the stadium… at home.  Pathetic.  This game is just sad.


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