Applying for a passport (OCONUS PCS)

I learned a very important lesson today that I was unaware of that I felt relevant to share with everyone else.

At one point in this whole PCS process I read somewhere that you should have multiple copies of your birth certificate and marriage license, etc. etc.  I brushed it off because I thought they were a little crazy.  Well, turns out they were right.

We got our paper orders yesterday.  Our RNLT is 23 Feb 13.  That’s about 12 weeks from now (yeah, holy crap).  I started making phone calls yesterday to prepare for today’s errand running that was going to commence.  I’m super thankful I had yesterday off as well because otherwise I’d be a day behind.

Well, I called passports since I’ll need a no-fee.  They told me I needed my marriage license, MIL ID, original birth certificate and a GS-11 (Passport application – completed) and pictures.  I was given instructions on how to get the pictures taken on base and collected all my documents last night, this morning I headed out for my grim reaper pictures.  Yes, they’re terrible… I don’t even care, lol.  Anyway, I head to my appointment with passports and turn in necessary documentation sans husband.. no one told me I needed him.  Well, two problems arise (because why wouldn’t things go wrong when you’re trying to PCS to a foreign country): 1) I apparently need him to sign things and his magical CAC.  2) They didn’t tell me they TAKE your marriage license and birth certificate and send it away to some far off land for the next 2 months.  SHEESH. i’ll admit, I feel slightly foolish for not knowing this… I should have seen this coming or read something about this somewhere.

My plan for applying for tourist passports on Monday is pretty much kabash at this point because my identification has just been sent away to flippin’ Narnia.  It appears I will be applying for a tourist passport in Japan now, luckily it appears they do them at Kadena.

Morale of the story folks, have multiple copies of your birth certificates and marriage licenses.


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