Full Term!

So today we hit full term – go 37 weeks!.  At my last doctor’s appointment they asked if i was still taking my prenatals.  I totally lied.  I forget to take them constantly.  Not that I should be taking them all the time anyway since I have a blood disorder and my vitamins have iron in them and I’m not supposed to load up on iron.  So beyond all the fun of the ominous 36 week check-up, all you women who’ve birthed before probably know what I’m talking about, I started realizing I need to take my vitamins again.. and preferably not gag on them like I currently am (which is why I’m not taking them right now).  I can take my zantac no problems, but vitamins are a different story.

I really think I’m gonna need to start eating gummies, especially since I plan on breastfeeding.  I know that when I was looking at prenatals in the first place, because not all vitamins are created equal, I was concerned about DHA and omega 3 vitamins.  Now that pregnancy brain has completely attacked me, I think I’m gonna need some with it all in there, and I’m hoping to find a gummy.

I have no idea what kind of gummy vitamins to get, much less I don’t even know if I can take them Japan or if they are available over there or what.  There are a tons of frickin’ choices for gummies for different brands and reading the smarty pants vitamins review makes me want to try gummies instead of the ones I’m currently using.

Hopefully I can find one that I like, I like gummy bears, they taste like gummy bears, right?


2 thoughts on “Full Term!

  1. A friend of mine LOVES the Gummy-Vites, which you can find in bulk at Costco (do they have one near Minot?). I've heard the same company makes a gummy prenatal!

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