38 Weeks

YES, I am still pregnant.  Not for much longer though, lol.
How far along are you?: 38 weeks

How big is baby?: Human size.  I think the average is 6.5-7.5lbs or something, the size of a mini watermelon.

Weight gain/loss?: Less than +25… and I do a victory dance every time I jump on the scale at the doc’s office and claim a personal record.  The nurses think it’s hilarious.

Stretch marks?: I’m gonna call them tiger stripes and I will blame my child for them for the rest of his life.  Those damn things are all the way to my back.

Maternity clothes?:
I wear 2 pairs of jeans, sweatpants, hospital scrubs, and a maternity tank every day.  My normal shirts are starting to get too short (they’re maternity too).

Sleep?: I have good days and bad days.

Best moment this week?: Calling in pregnant to work (everyone is sick, I’m not risking it) and freezer cooking.

Food cravings?:Hmm.. Black beans tacos w/ doritos and milk (to drink).  Scrambled eggs and orange juice (again, to drink).  Basically, anything with protein in it.  Oh, and a white chocolate & peppermint latte.


Movement?: Only when I’m sitting down.  He’s running out of real estate and apparently prefers to chill on my rib cage, which is UBER uncomfortable.

Belly button?: Still holding strong w/ an innie… barely.

Labor Signs?: Period-like cramps mainly, not at any specific interval.  I think I may have passed a mucus plug, but probably not.  Lots of BH’s apparently since someone has finally explained them to me in a way I can understand.  Oh and overall feeling of starving, but I don’t think that’s a labor sign, lol.

What do I miss?: My uggs, reaching my feet in general, sleeping all the way through the night, baths, walking somewhere safely without slipping, getting off the couch without panting… man, doesn’t this sound like fun.

What I’m looking forward to this week?: Last week of work.  Oh, and there’s a pot luck on Friday.  Hopefully, when I go to the OB this week my UA won’t have protein in it because well, the last one did.  BOOOOOO.  In a few days I’ll be ready for anything.. but, I need a few more days.


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