So, the movers called today about setting up our move.  I’m getting a little nervous now because things are really starting to fall in place.  I keep looking around at things trying to figure out what needs to go and stay and what we need to be concerned about packing/carrying/shipping/whatever.  We’ve never had them move us before, we’ve always DITY’d ourselves but that’s really not an option this time.  Honestly, my biggest concerns are a few items in the house, first is a homemade bar.  Not the crappy kind that you put together with particle board but a Brazilian cherry with a custom tile on it that was specially made for Superman.  The second thing is our hard drives.  We have a few external hard drives that have ALL of our movies on them and I’m terrified to pack it in a suitcase or let TMO pack it.  I’m seriously considering using a backup service for them, like this one: online backup software from BackBlaze. It seems that a service like this might be the safest thing to do and the cost isn’t too bad considering how long it took us to get where we are now. 

So, for all of you that have let (or were required to have TMO handle your possessions), what items did you NOT let them touch?  What wouldn’t they take?  What did they break?  Give me the good, the bad, and the “I cried for weeks” ugly.  Give me the horror stories, at least then, I’ll be prepared… lol.

My control freak self is having an issue.


3 thoughts on “Movers

  1. We took jewelry, guns, a few family items that are not replaceable, some of my daughter's stuff, and our computers and cameras. I know some of that isn't an option for your since you are going overseas. Also, I can't remember if you have mentioned this, but take pictures of every large or high dollar item. If it turns up missing or broken, you have proof of it in its pre-move condition. We did that, and luckily nothing was damaged during our move.

  2. We were very lucky and had only two cheapo Walmart bookcases broken. But we did a partial DITY because I didn't want things I really cared about to be handled by someone who didn't care about them as much as I do. They won't take any liquids, they made a big deal about taking candles, and obviously they don't do perishable or liquid food items. You probably already know all that though. I'd definitely use a backup system, not only so that you don't lose anything, but that so you can access the things stored sooner than TMO gets them to you. Our stuff took 6 weeks and that was from ND to WA, so I can only imagine how long it might take if they "misplace" your stuff along the way. The only bonus to them misplacing your stuff? The money they pay you. For us it was pretty awesome, but that's only because we really didn't need anything.

  3. When we moved from Germany our stuff was perfect. We had no issues. When we moved from TX to CO it was the same. I did take my jewlery and anything we didn't want anything to happen to. But every time we've had great experiences. Hope yours is the same, good luck. Oh yeah, we fed ours too and offered water and stuff. That may help 🙂

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