Get Rich Quick!

 So in our travels on leave we have watched a lot of TV with family.  But, it’s all like pawn stars and storage wars.  My mom hates these “reality” shows but can recite the ex-wives of many celebrities and knows details about their divorce settlements.  I barely know their names.  In the mean time, I play on my computer while they watch television.  I’m still trying to figure out which entitlements we are getting, if we get our travel days or they reimburse for our airfare to the west coast, or what is going on.  No one has been able to explain any of this to me so I’m a little annoyed.  I also don’t know which per diem we are getting or where we are on the housing list.  I don’t even know how many days we have reservations for at TLF in Japan.. or where the dog is sleeping.  Oh and Superman hasn’t given his sponsor his personal email address so guess who is incommunicado right now? 

Superman made a joke yesterday about penny stocks in his sheer boredom.  He said we should take our PCS money and buy penny stocks and make tons of money.  I, of course, glared at him with my evil eye.  We are NOT taking our PCS entitlements to buy penny stocks.  But all kinds of people apparently buy penny stocks.  Do you know anyone who does?  Do they actually make money?  I assume you would have to buy them on some SUPER excessive scale to really make anything.  Hell, I could probably buy a whole company buying penny stocks like Tim Sykes.  This was Superman’s hair-brained scheme of the day.  He’s always scheming.  Don’t even get me started on how he got my computer infected with the FBI virus or managed to accidentally sign up for USAA’s life insurance today.  Yes, he did all of that before 8am this morning.  Super Productive.

Are we there yet?



2 thoughts on “Get Rich Quick!

  1. Sounds like you need to get to the new base already! Also, are you going to add to the "states we have lived in" an area that now says "countries we have lived in"? Best of luck and I wish I could see you if/when you stop at Seatac. It's so hard knowing friends have come so close and yet are so out of reach. 😦

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